Get 10 Year Approval When Switching to Trailer Engineering Fuel Cubes

Trailer Engineering | 4th March 2021

Diesel Fuel Cube

Diesel Fuel Cube

Many businesses find having fuel cubes on their premises is a more cost-efficient way of making sure they have the fuel they need to run their machinery, generators, helicopters and van or truck fleet.

Being able to store vast quantities of fuel safely on site means you can be confident you have the supplies you need to hand, eliminating the process of sourcing fuel regularly. At Trailer Engineering, we understand that you need to rely on your fuel and have fuel cubes stored and safely is a priority.

What Is a Trailer Engineering Fuel Cube?

A fuel cube is a storage container that holds fuel for use in many different sectors. At Trailer Engineering, our fuel cubes come in several different sizes and are made from either steel or Polyethene. Trailer Engineering are the only company to offer poly inner and poly outer fuel cubes, making them extremely durable. All of our fuel cubes are designed with heavy-duty usage in mind and are lightweight, making them easier to move around and transport.

Our fuel cubes come with a 10-year U.N/ADR, giving you peace of mind that your fuel cube, manufactured by Trailer Engineering, is of the highest quality and is designed with safety and durability in mind, ensuring your fuel is transported to its desired location safely, making our polycubes ideal for building sites and temporary jobs. When transporting your fuel cube, you must ensure that you are complying with environmental law, regulation 2001 No.2954 and the Environmental Agency PPG2. Additionally, if you transport your fuel cube on a public highway, you need a bunded fuel cube that is fully certified under the ADR / U.N certifications such as our polycubes.

Advantages of a Trailer Engineering Fuel Cube

If you find you’re using large volumes of fuel, investing in an on-site fuel cube could help you lower your fuel costs and save time too, making your business more efficient as less time is spent sourcing fuel. Trailer Engineering fuel cubes have the ability to be stacked two high when full and three high when empty; allowing for optimal storage options that allow you to maximise how much fuel you can hold at any one time. The Trailer Engineering polycube can be stacked three high when full under its UN certification.

Why Choose a Fuel Cube from Trailer Engineering?

We know that when you choose to store fuel on your premises, you are looking for the best fuel cube for storage possible. Our polycubes are designed to provide you with a fuel storage solution that offers many benefits, whether it is to remain static in one place or moved around different locations.

We serve many different industries and advise you on the best fuel cube for you, be it in the agriculture industry or the power generation industry. We have various lightweight, stackable fuel cubes for sale in a range of different sizes to suit your needs and can offer tailor and generator packages alongside your fuel cube options too.

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Fuel cubes stacked two high when full

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