Receive a 10 Year U.N. Certified Approval When Switching to Our Fuel Bowsers for HVO Fuel

Trailer Engineering | 18th October 2021

Fuel Bowsers for HVO Fuel

Fuel Bowsers for HVO Fuel

At Trailer Engineering, we are the top choice when it comes to fuel bowsers for HVO fuel. We offer a fuel storage tank that’s not only portable but is made from a polyethylene inner. This means that it’s not only a unique alternative to steel for fuel transportation and storage, but it’s a much better alternative as our fuel bowsers are means rust-free, reduce the possibility of condensation, and is lighter in weight, making it easier to transport.

Trailer Engineering Fuel Bowsers: How Do They Work?

When identifying the ideal fuel storage solution, you need to think about how easy the fuel storage product is to transport while also understanding how it works. At Trailer Engineering, our portable fuel bowsers are designed and manufactured with durability in mind; ensuring the contents inside, such as HVO fuel, are kept safe and secure while also giving you the ability to transport our fuel bowsers with ease. Also, are fuel bowsers are a cost-effective, fuel storage solution thanks to their compact nature. Making them ideal if you need to fit your fuel tank in a small and tight space.

As a result of the materials, we use to manufacture our fuel bowsers, they are durable, which is vital when being transported, as well as being left out in a range of locations and outdoor environments. In order to make them easy to transport, which is what you’ll need when using them for HVO fuel, our fuel tanks come with pockets for forklifts, making the process of transporting them around a construction site straightforward. They are an ideal choice for fuel storage, no matter what industry you are in.

Benefits of Trailer Engineering Fuel Bowsers

10 Year U.N Certified Approval

One of the biggest benefits that you will find is that all of our fuel bowsers and fuel cubes come with a 10-year UN certification. This kind of certification means that you can use them on all public highways, making them easy to transport. Not only can they be transported on roads, but if required, the UN certification means that they can be used to transport fuel by sea, rail, or air.

This certification will also help you to know that our fuel tanks are manufactured to the highest quality, with a focus on being durable and safe. This peace of mind is vital when you think about the fuel that is being transported in them.

Suitable for HVO Fuel

One consideration when choosing a portable fuel tank is how safe it will be for transporting fuel. The good news with our fuel cubes is that they are very clean due to the material they are made from, which makes them ideal for safe fuel storage. The risk of any spills or leaks are minimised, which is positive news for the environment.

Convenient Transportation

Our fuel bowsers are designed with transportation in mind. They have forklift pockets to make the transportation process simple and easy, as well as having portable options if they are being towed on public highways.

Cost-Effective HVO Fuel Storage Solution

At Trailer Engineering, our vast range of fuel bowsers are manufactured using high-quality, cost-effective materials, ensuring you receive a high-quality, safe and durable prodcut without the additional costs. Fuel spills are dangerous and harmful to the environment, as well as costly, so using the best fuel storage and transportation solution allows you to reduce the risk of potential fuel spillages.

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