5 Benefits of Bunded Fuel Tanks

Trailer Engineering | 27th August 2020

950 Litre U.N. Approved Bunded Diesel EU Highway Bowser

950 Litre U.N. Approved Bunded Diesel EU Highway Bowser

Bunded Fuel Tanks are the safest and most dependable choice for any business that requires a solution for both industrial fuel storage or commercial fuel storage. These fuel tanks offer plenty of benefits, including strength and durability, and they are popular amongst a range of sectors and industries, including agriculture and aviation, among many more. If you need a fuel storage solution but are unsure whether bunded fuel tanks are right for you, here are five benefits to convince you.

Long-Term Savings

One of the primary benefits of investing in Fuel Bowsers is the long-term savings that you will enjoy once you make the most of the vast capacity available for storing your fuel. No matter your business, savings are crucial, and a quality bunded tank will minimize the chances of spills, meaning you will spend less time refilling, and more time doing what needs to be done to take your business to the next level.

Protection from Thieves

Everyone understands that fuel can be a hot commodity in large quantities, and while it isn’t as glamorous as jewels or technology, thieves will still try to steal it from you. Without reliable agriculture fuel tanks, you are at serious risk of theft. A bunded fuel tank will act as a deterrent, forcing those with malicious intent to think twice about targeting you, as it is more difficult to steal fuel from a bunded tank, and the chances of getting caught significantly increase.

Environmentally Friendly

All companies should show responsibility to the environment, especially with the current focus on sustainability. Still, any business that works with fuel, a finite resource, must demonstrate more of an eco-friendly approach. Fuel bowsers make this possible, as the reduction in leaks and spills ensures the surrounding environment is protected, while any overspill can be saved and used again in the future.

Risk Management

Whether you’re searching for aviation fuel storage tanks, or something more ground-based, bunded fuel storage will help make risk management much more straightforward. As recent legislation has outlined that such containers are required by law, they help to protect your business, which can reduce your insurance premiums, and prevent any uncertainty regarding whether your practices were entirely above board. With this, you can feel confident that should anything go wrong, you have at least followed the guidelines correctly, absolving you of severe repercussions.

Customizable Tank Options

While many tanks are available as seen, you can also request bespoke models to best suit your needs. This can include more compact mobile fuel bowsers or even different types to suit unique demands. As long as your specifications meet fuel bowser regulations, you can enjoy a tank manufactured precisely to your needs with no risk of wasted time, energy or materials.

If your bunded fuel tank isn’t UN certified then you will be unable to move it on public highways while it contains fuel. As well as this, if you want to transport your fuel tank, you will need to empty the tanks fully and then clean the insides before there’re legally allowed to be moved. That’s why at Trailer Engineering, all of our bunded fuel tanks are manufactured to adhere to the UN certification; meaning you will have the ability to move your fuel tank on any public highway while it contains fuel.

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U.N. Approved Bunded Diesel EU Highway Bowser

U.N. Approved Bunded Diesel EU Highway Bowser

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