5 Benefits of Having an Effective Dust Control Program

Trailer Engineering | 1st December 2020


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Although dust is an inevitable part of many construction sites, it can cause so many health, maintenance, and inventory problems when not managed properly. Such issues may end up affecting your ability to do business in the future. Therefore, a dust control program is an integral part of the construction industry, as it helps to reduce dust emissions and protects employees. Here are five main benefits of having an effective dust control program.

Reduces the Risk of Explosion

Dust is capable of causing quite some destruction when not adequately controlled. For example, dust clouds form when uncontrolled dust gathers in the atmosphere. These clouds may sometimes contain dispersed combustible dust particles, which are capable of igniting and causing explosions. The particles can also settle on machines that need to cool and block their cooling systems, causing them to overheat and even catch fire. An explosion will also expose your workers to burns and smoke inhalation.

Better Roads

Too much dust also leads to the deterioration of the roads. This is because dust comes in very fine particles that cannot act as binding agents to hold road surfaces together. Therefore, they appear as exposed and unstable aggregates that erode whenever the road is used or exposed to natural elements like rain. With time, this leads to potholes and ruts. Dust suppression solutions use moisture from the atmosphere to bind the fine particles and protect the road surface.

Prevents Health Hazards

When people inhale dust particles, they are exposed to different kinds of health hazards and respiratory diseases. These include bronchitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive airway diseases. Apart from these, a person may also experience irregular heartbeats, sneezing, coughing, and irritation of the eyes when exposed to certain types of pollutants. An effective dust control program ensures that airborne dust particles are controlled, and sufficient fresh air is available. This will prevent site workers from falling ill and failing to complete their jobs.

Reduces Maintenance Cost

When roads are in top condition, it means there will be less need for repairs. In effect, this means that you will be able to save up on maintenance costs on both repair materials and labour. To ensure that your construction surfaces are always in perfect condition, you will require regular maintenance routines, which can also be very costly and time-consuming. However, using an effective dust control program ensures that you save time and money on maintenance and your construction surfaces are always dust-free.

Dust Suppression

Dust is almost a natural by-product of every construction site. The excessive amount of dust created at construction sites poses a significant challenge for the health and safety of any environment beyond the construction industry. A dust suppression system involves a full range of dust control solutions such as dust suppression bowsers that may include a simple gravity fed spray bar, a spreader plate powered by an engine, or even relatively complicated dust cannons.

What to Take Away

For over 40 years, Trailer Engineering has been manufacturing a wide range of dust control solutions that are supplied to the construction industry. Check out our wide range of dust suppression browsers by clicking here

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