5 Benefits of Using Fuel Cubes to Fuel Your Generators

Trailer Engineering | 3rd May 2021

Fuel Cubes For Generators

Fuel Cubes for generators

Fuel cubes are static tanks that contain fuel and are designed to offer easy transportation. With a robust and compact design, fuel cubes provide an efficient fuel storage solution. Due to their ease of access and cost-effectiveness, they are used in several industries such as aviation, agriculture, transportation, construction, and power generation. They offer many benefits, one of which is to serve as a ready source to fuel equipment such as generators for on-site and off-site locations.

The Benefits of Using Fuel Cubes


The robust and compact design of fuel cubes makes them convenient for transportation. This is because you can install them in smaller spaces compared to a regular tank. The convenience means that you can move fuel cubes with a forklift rather than having to hire a fuel truck to refill the container. This is especially useful for off-site locations that require fuel for generators to power their equipment and keep work on schedule.

Also, in certain locations where there’s a considerable amount of adverse weather conditions, such as excess rainfall which could potentially stop entry to an off-site location. Fuel cubes provide an alternative backup fuel storage solution that can be used to fuel generators, allowing for the equipment to remain powered and the work to continue.


Having a fuel tank on-site to fuel your generator can help you save money. This is because rather than ordering a bulk fuel delivery and having to have a fuel tanker come to the on-site or off-site location to provide fuel, which will cost more; you can get your fuel storage tanks filled and have it on standby at the site. Its durable and compact nature makes it easier to move around while avoiding spills and leakages.


One of the essential things about a fuel cube is the safety features incorporated into the design. The main dangers of fuel storage and transportation are spills or leakages that could potentially cause a fire or pollute the environment. The robust and compact nature of fuel cubes ensures that such occurrences are highly reduced or absent. This safety feature makes fuel cubes an environmentally friendly, fuel storage solution.


One of the major issues faced by people who store fuel either on-site or off-site, is guaranteeing that their fuel remains secure and safe from potential criminal activity. Fuel cubes can be securely locked, preventing access to all unauthorised users who are not in charge of dispensing or transporting fuel at the site. You can also install a fuel gauge to check the amount of fuel left in the fuel cube and decide if you need to top it up.

Regulation Compliance

The use of fuel cubes ensures that you comply with regulations for the safe transportation of fuel. If you’re transporting fuel on the public highway, you will need either ADR or U.N Certified tank/IBC (intermediate bulk container). You can transport up to 1000 litres of fuel without needing an ADR licence under U.N certification although if you have an ADR certified tank you must have an ADR licence. Anything over 1000 litres will require you to have an ADR licence in both cases. At Trailer Engineering, all of our fuel tanks are U.N certified and are fully approved for Ten years.

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