5 Things to Know About Diesel Fuel Tanks for Standby Generators

Trailer Engineering | 24th November 2020

Diesel Fuel Tanks

Diesel Fuel Bowser

Whether you’re an expert or not, most people know that a generator engine needs fuel for power generation. The energy source could either be gasoline, diesel, propane, or even natural gas. However, the most commonly produced generators in the power generating industry use diesel as the primary fuel source. Therefore, diesel fuel tanks will be the primary focus for this post.

This article will provide information on the types of diesel fuel tanks and the benefits of using them to power standby generators.

What You Need to Know About Diesel Fuel Tanks

The fuel tank serves as a storage room for fuel, in this case, diesel. The diesel is stored and then pumped to release power into the engine once the generator has been turned.

Most standby generators share a common type of diesel fuel tank called the sub-base fuel tank. With this type, the generator is placed directly on top of it. Some of them are relatively shallow, with just eight inches of fuel capacity. However, you can find some as deep as 40 inches. Your tank’s height largely depends on its run time.

Apart from the sub-base fuel tank, there is also the day tank. These are used when the size of your sub-base tank is not enough for you.

Additionally, you would also need to consider the variation or grade of fuel stored in the fuel tank. These are known as #1 and #2, which are excellent choices for colder and warmer climates, respectively.

Benefits of Diesel Fuel Tanks

High-Quality Material

Diesel fuel tanks are usually made of top-quality materials, making them highly durable and safer to use. They are a better option than the steel fuel tank that is subject to rust and corrosion when left outside for long periods. Steel fuel tank damage could potentially be harmful to your generator as its bodily damages could easily mix with the fuel and reduce its potency and efficiency.

Easy to Maintain

Because quality raw materials are used to manufacture diesel fuel tanks, they are effortless to maintain, resistant to rust and are free from corrosion. You might only have to ensure that your pump and other fittings are well-maintained.


Diesel fuel tanks are very versatile; you can even use them for other equipment or machinery apart from your generator. Even better, they are lightweight; therefore, you can easily handle working with them. But don’t let its lightweight fool you. They are still thicker than steel fuel tanks.


These tanks are incredibly well-known for their ability to carry large volumes of diesel at a go. Plus, you will get more value for your money, as most of these tanks come with several features or items that are easy to assemble or ready to use. Additionally, because it requires little to no maintenance, you won’t be incurring costs for any repairs.


Diesel fuel tanks have an extended warranty. Most purchases would offer you a three-year warranty for any after-sales repairs.

Diesel fuel tanks are excellent solutions to provide backup power and come highly recommended by the energy industry.

What to Take Away

At Trailer Engineering, we manufacture and supply a wide range of diesel fuel cubes (also known as polycubes) including our 950 litre U.N. approved bunded diesel polycube.

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Diesel Fuel Tanks

Diesel Fuel Tanks

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