Nick Hancock’s RockAll solo challenge

The Challenge

Rockall is a remote island 260 miles west of the western isles of Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Challenge was to occupy the island measuring 100 ft (30m) wide and 70ft(21m) high for more than forty days to beat previous record which was set in 1985.

Nick was looking out for a survival pod for shelter during his stay when he came across one of our water bowsers on a building site, he then contacted us to see if we could help.

The Solution

Trailer Engineering was in the process of developing their new 2000 litre water bowser when Nick got in touch and Trailer Engineering was happy to supply him with a prototype tank for him to use.

Nick converted the tank into his survival pod to attempt the record, after years of tests he was ready for the challenge.

The Result

Nick Hancock now currently holds the record for the solo occupation of Rockall set at 43 days are you up for the challenge?

Trailer Engineering now have a 2000 lite water tank tested to the extreme.