What is a Bowser?


A Bowser is a trailer fitted with a tank which can carry Water, Diesel, Adblue, Kerosene, Aviation Fuel or Petrol.

These are mostly used to provide water (dust suppression, flower watering, animal feeding, accommodation/welfare units, etc) or fuel (machinery/plant operation), all of which could be useful in a variety of scenarios including construction sites, event management, or agricultural applications.

Important information:

A common misconception is that because a Bowser has a handbrake and mudguards it is suitable for towing on public highways. This is NOT the case. You CANNOT tow a NON-EU APPROVED Site Bowser on a public highway. They are built on a low-speed chassis with no lights, brakes (other than handbrake), or mudguards (unless on request). As a result, standard bowsers must only be towed around sites and private roads.

If you do wish to take it onto public highways, it must be an EU Approved Highway Bowser. We stock EU Approved Highway Bowsers at various capacities for Fuel and Water.

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    With regard to Towing our Bowsers on the public highways, they must have EU Highway Approvals. Our EU Highway bowsers are certified and approved to be towed on public highways.

    Highway towable bowsers have braked axles, mudguards, road-legal lighting, suspension and are designed and approved to be towed on public highways. On a road going trailer, it should be equipped with a breakaway system that uses a cable running from the coupling to the towing vehicle so that if the trailer becomes unhitched the cable will come under tension activating the brakes and bring the trailer/bowser to a stop. 

    When towing a fuel bowser on the public highway you will also need to ensure the fuel bowser's tank is ADR / U.N certified as this by-law is the certification needed to ensure safe transit of fuel. The fuel bowser's bund needs to be 110% of the contents of the inner tank to meet environmental standards. For a bowser to get ADR / U.N certifications, the manufacturer will send the bowser to a government regulator to undergo several testing procedures ensuring the fuel bowser is safe for transport of fuel.

    When towing a fuel bowser full of fuel you may tow up to 1000 litres under U.N. certification. Any bowser carrying more than 1000 litres of fuel on the public highway will require the driver to have an ADR licence. However, you can still tow a 2140 litre fuel bowser on the public highway without an ADR licence as long as the fuel bowsers contents are not above 1000 litres of fuel.