Jet A1 fuel

The Challenge

We have been asked over the years to invent transport solutions for Jet A1 fuel.

Can I transport Kerosene/ Jet A1 ?
To transport Kerosene/ Jet A1 you will need the tank to be either U.N or ADR approved. If you have an ADR tank you will need an ADR licence.

If you have a U.N certified tank you can transport up to 1000 litres without a licence over this you will require to have an ADR licence.

The Solution

Trailer Engineering have developed a full range of fuel tanks and Bowsers for transporting Kerosene / Jet A1 fuel, from 110 litres to 2140 litres, from skid base, site tow, highway tow to fuel cube. All fully approved by the civil aviation authority.

The Result

Trailer Engineering have been supplying to Aerospace industry for over forty years keeping up with all the latest regulations supplying customers all over the world from governments to aviation enthusiasts.

950 litre U.N certified bowser approved for towing without ADR licence.