Private jet toilet tanker

The Challenge

Trailer Engineering was approached by Up And Away Aviation to design and manufacture a lavatory tanker for the ground handling of private jets operating out of London City Airport. The toilet tanker had to be tow able on a site trailer and have enough clearance for the tank to fit underneath the business jets wing as they will be gravity feeding the tank. It also required a water tank for replenishing the toilet water on board the aircraft.

The Solution

The dedicated team at Trailer Engineering designed and manufactured a duel compartment tank that was capable of holding 510 litres of effluent waste and a clean water tank with a capacity of 225 litres. This toilet tanker was then fitted onto a bespoke site tow able trailer designed to keep plenty of clearance between the tank and the aircraft's wing. On this tanker there was a 12v water pump fitted into a lockable tool box with a external waterproof switch for replenishing the clean water to the aircraft's toilets. Also in the tool box was a battery and battery charger to run the water pump. At the rear of the tank was a 4" waste pipe in which Up and away aviation fitted their own couplings to that would be connected to the private jet they would be servicing. There is also a 4" valve at the bottom of the waste tank for emptying the tank.

The Result

Up And Away Aviation service's a wide range of private and business jets operating out of several locations including London city airport's jet centre with this bespoke lavatory tanker. The low clearance of the tanker ensures the ground handling crews can position the tank safely under the wings of aircraft such as the Hawker 800 for the removal of effluent and replenishment of clean water to the on board lavatory.