Custom 1125L Twin Axle Water Bowser with Dust Cannon

The Challenge

Trailer Engineering have a reputation of manufacturing high quality products to suit every customers requirements. Having seen some of Trailer Engineering's products Marsh Machinery decided that Trailer Engineering was the ideal company to build a trailer to suit their own dust suppression (dust cannon) system. The trailer needed to be fitted with a water bowser to feed the dust cannon and have room on the trailer for the generator and dust cannon without exceeding weight restrictions so that the trailer could be towed on the public highway.

The Solution

Marsh Machinery visited Trailer Engineering multiple times to discuss the requirements they needed and together both companies decided a customised version of Trailer Engineering's standard 1125 litre twin axle water bowser was the best option. The trailer was built to a extended length with two platforms either side of the water bowser to house Marsh Machinery's generator and dust cannon. This trailer is fully certified to be towed on the public road and does not exceed 3000kg.

The Result

Marsh Machinery now have a working relationship with Trailer Engineering and have added this product to their range of machinery in which is for sale or hire, Offering a range of equipment for dust suppression to suit every industry.

See the video below for a walk around tour of this bespoke water bowser.

If you have equipment that needs to be trailer mounted contact the team for a design and build service that is second to none.

Marsh Machinery Water Bowser With Dust Cannon For Dust Suppression
1125 Litre Twin Axle Water Bowser With Dust Cannon

Trolley Mounted Dust Cannon With 120 Litre Water Tank

Following the success of the 1125 litre dust suppression water bowser Marsh Machinery returned to Trailer Engineering to create a smaller trolley mounted dust cannon in which could be pushed around for those smaller projects in which still require dust suppression. The team manufactured a trolley in which could house the generator and dust cannon with a 120 litre water tank making it a manoeuvrable product ideal for operating inside buildings and can easily be stored as it compact.

Trolley Mounted Dehaco Dust Cannon With 120 Litre Water Tank
Trolley Mounted Dust Cannon