Fuel For Construction

The Challenge

With the introduction of new generation machines requiring clean fuel , customers were asking if we could design a range of fuel bowsers that ensure a clean storage environment with no rust in the inner receptacle where the fuel is stored as the smallest bit of contamination can shut a machine down adding to costs in repairs and downtime of kit.

The Solution

We now offer a full range of fuel bowsers from 110 litres up to 2140 litre complete with completely corrosion free polyethene inner receptacles offering products that are lighter, less water condensation and completely corrosion free, we are the only company to have achieved full U.N approvals that last for ten years.

The Result

We have offered the range of clean fuel storage solutions since 1998 and have sold thousands of units around the world proving that you can have a real alternative to traditional steel tanks.


Do you have any questions?

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