Wrexham Police force

The Challenge

Trailer Engineering often get weird and wonderful requests for Bowser applications with Wrexham Police force being no exception, a new concept to policing tackling anti-social behaviour in the streets of Wrexham late at night.

The concept was instead of fining people for anti-social behaviour such as urination in the street the perpetrator will be offered the chance to repent by cleaning it up with the use of a mop and bucket.

The Solution

Trailer Engineering set out to make modifications to a current bowser design so that detergents and a mop and bucket could be stowed on board and secured for transportation a constant transportable water supply was also required.

The Result

Wrexham Police force now have a transportable anti-social behaviour bowser keeping the streets of Wrexham clean from urination.

Trailer Engineering offer a full range of fuel and water bowsers usually available within a day or so, if you can’t see exactly what you want ring our sales team who are happy to help.