Efficiency For Local Governments

The Challenge

Many councils look for a efficient way of maintaining the flower beds and greeneries with a view to optimise costly labour charges and time spent, rather than running up and down with watering cans a bowser with flower watering capabilities would be the perfect solution,  also a safe way of doing it on the public highways because of heath and safety issues.

The Solution

As a manufacturer we offered a bespoke build solution offering a 1125 litre flower watering bowser on a E.U approved chassis for towing on pubic highways complete with rear chevron board, directional arrow and flashing beacons to warn other road users of workforce at work.

Also the bowser was powered with a Honda petrol driven pump feeding a hose reel with flower water lance and gun.

The Result

Many councils have purchased the units over the years after solving all the above problems also pumps with 12 volt systems have been added to some councils that require silent use.