Military Target and Drone Refuellers

The Challenge

Trailer Engineering was approached by major military contractor QinetiQ to work together on building refuelling trolleys which could be used to re-fuel and de-fuel military targets and drones that QinetiQ manufacture

The Solution

Trailer Engineering and QinetiQ worked closely together to design and manufacture a range of re-fuelling trolleys that are highly maneuverable with its Ackermann steering and a range of tanks from 200 Litres to 400 Litres for the storage of JetA1, Avgas and Petrol

The Result

QinetiQ now offer a range of battlefield ready military drone refuelling trolleys as a package with their drones which are sold globally.

Furthermore QinetiQ has built a continued partnership between QinetiQ and Trailer Engineering to sell these products worldwide


Military Target and Drone Refuellers
Qinetic Jeta1 Drone Refueller
Military Target and Drone Refuellers Trailer Engineering