U.S Army 950 Litre Fuel Bowser

The Challenge

We won a tender to supply the U.S Army who required several Fuel Bowsers to operate in remote locations for the fuelling of military vehicles with diesel also additional units for fuelling military drones and helicopters with Jet A1 fuel.

The brief was that these units could not fail to deliver as not to compromise operations as failure is not an option in the remote locations in which they would be operating in , also weight was a big concern as the units were to be towed over long distances over a variety of terrains.

Another request was that the Bowsers were legal to tow on the public highway.

The Solution

We set out to design a twin axle 950 litre fuel bowser keeping within the E.U approvals for public highway use also fully U.N certified tanks suitable for Diesel and Jet a1, complete with front  cabinet with roller shutter door to accommodate a self-retracting hose reel , filter system , flowmeter and engine driven pump , we also added a 12volt pump in rear compartment as a backup pump and we added a further hand pump as a third backup pump option ensuring a system that will always deliver.

The Result

The U.S army now have a fleet of very capable go anywhere fully approved re-fulling systems with the peace of mind that fuelling will never be a problem.