Bespoke Generator Trailer


Over the years Trailer Engineering has been approached by several different customers to produce bespoke trailers to suit different types of generators, if you have a requirement for a generator trailer let the team know and Trailer Engineering's dedicated team will design and manufacture the perfect generator trailer to meet your requirements.


Trailer Engineering have a team of R&D development engineers that can design and manufacture bespoke generator trailers to suit the customers requirements. Trailer Engineering also offers a 3000kg highway towable trailer that can carry up to a 40 KVA generator and a 950 litre Polycube, in which can be towed on the public highway when the Polycube is full of fuel without exceeding the weight restrictions.


Trailer Engineering now have several customers with a fleet of generator trailers that are used daily in industries such as Plant hire, Location services and Power Generation.

Single Axle Trailer For A Himoinsa HYW13 Generator

Trailer Engineering was approached by Gofer generator hire to design and manufacture a highway towable single axle trailer to suit their Himoinsa HYW13 generators. By having the generator Trailer Engineering was able to manufacture a trailer specifically designed to suit the Himoinsa HYW13 generator with the perfect balance to ensure a smooth and comfortable tow.

Generator trailer based on the polycube trailer

Trailer Engineering offer a range of generator trailers to suit every need, whether the customer sends us the generator in to fit or send us the dimensions of the generator and we can build the trailer to suit. The trailer below is based on our Polycube trailer, this trailer in particular has been manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit many types of generators with a maximum laden weight of 3000kg. The unladen weight of this generator trailer is 545kg meaning you can carry a generator weighing up to 2,455kg in total. There is a possibility to also fit a generator and Trailer Engineering's Polycube fuel cube on the same trailer without being overweight. This means you have the capability to take a generator to an off grid location and continuously run for long periods of time without needing refuelling. Perfect for film location services, events, festivals, sporting events, emergency back up power, construction sites and other temporary site locations.

generator trailer for the film industry
bespoke generator trailer to suit customers generator
generator trailer for film location services


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