Vera Tanks

The Challenge

We was asked by a customer Vera Tanks if we could offer a corrosion free fuel storage tank because of the harsh environment in his home country of Norway, the roads are salted almost year round and this has an impact on steel tanks, also the new tanks had to be able to with stand extreme cold conditions. Vera Tanks wanted to join the popular stackable fuelcube market selling fuelcubes to the construction and power generation industries.

The Solution

We offered our Polycube range as they are completely corrosion free and this would be the answer to their problems also the tanks would be lighter than the conventional steel fuelcube and create less condensation than the steel fuelcube.

The test procedure for approvals requires the tank to be filled with antifreeze then put into a freezer to minus 20 degrees then drop tested and the tank must remain intact as well as several further tests required for U.N approval

The Result

Vera Tanks have in the last few years bought hundreds of Polycubes and are now our agent in Norway offering a range of unique and innovative fuelcubes to the market.


Do you have any questions?

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