Stackable Water Bowser

The Challenge

Trailer Engineering were asked to solve a problem, which was can we make a tank approved for drinking water that maximises the space on a standard wagon that will save time, money and the environment.

The Solution

Trailer Engineering set out to design a Secretary of State and DWI approved water tank that can be used for drinking water that fits exactly on a wagon. Trailer Engineering designed a stackable Water Bowser which saves twice as much space on a wagon and the capacity for each tank will be 2000 litres and have a fast hydrant fill option with two access lids for easy cleaning, also a fast drain was added, Fork truck sockets and lifting points to make transportation easier.

The Result

The Result
Trailer Engineering now offer a range of stackable water tanks, fast tow highway bowsers, site tow or skid base all fully approved for drinking water ranging sizes from 110 litre to 2000 litres.

Stackable Water Bowser Trailer Engineering