Diesel Fuel Bowsers: The Ideal HVO Fuel Storage Solution

Trailer Engineering | 18th May 2022


Storing HVO fuel can be a complicated game. HVO itself is a newer commercial fuel that the industrial sector is finding useful, simply because it’s fossil free and has less of an impact on any machinery that makes use of it; and as mobile fuel bowser manufacturers, we’ve long worked with materials that ensure all of our fuel bowsers provide enhanced durability.

Within this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about using diesel fuel bowsers, and why more and more businesses are choosing them to keep their HVO fuel safe and secure.

HVO Diesel: Why Is It Used?

HVO diesel is a renewable fuel made out of animal fat waste and old cooking oil, including corn and palm oil that’s been tipped off of commercial sites. As such it’s a totally sustainable form of fuel, and is accredited by carbon and farming standards in its pure form. It can be used in a variety of sectors, thanks to its better combustion rate, performance in cooler temperatures, and low overall carbon emissions.

HVO is also a lot more environmentally safe than other, more traditional fossil fuels. As it’s sustainably made from old waste products, any tips or leaks will be easier to clean up by environmental authorities. This form of biofuel also has a longer storage life, and can be safely kept for up to 10 years at a time.

As such, this biofuel is a great fit for many new businesses out there. HVO diesel fuel bowsers are just one of the few ways you can store this type of fuel, but it’s also one of the best ways to keep HVO in prime condition for use in the long term.

What Are Diesel Fuel Bowsers?

Diesel fuel bowsers are becoming more and more common in the commercial field to store regular fuel types. However, if you’re unaware of what a fuel bowser is in the first place, they are commonly defined as storage tanks on wheels, used to transport ‘dangerous goods’. In addition, Trailer Engineering’s range of fuel bowsers come with a certified U.N approved across the board for public use.

The fuel bowsers themselves are made out of various high durability materials. They’re made to an international standard and tend to be more affordable than other fuel storage units currently on the market. You can shop for them in various sizes depending on what capacity of storage you need.

There are many benefits to using diesel fuel bowsers in a variety of storage applications, but when you need to store HVO diesel, bowsers tend to come out on top against other storage units. Here’s a lowdown you need to know on the main 3 benefits of using mobile storage tanks for your commercial fuel:

An Efficient and Durable Storage Solution

HVO Bowser

An example of a Trailer Engineering Diesel Storage Bowser

When it comes to fuel storage equipment, a fuel bowser is one of the most efficient and durable solutions you could invest in. The tanks are long lasting and ensure no spillages occur during containment, thanks to their initial design as transportation units. Diesel fuel bowsers are also made to be environmentally protective, meaning you can leave fuel in them for long periods without worry. This can help businesses who need regular fuel top-ups but don’t have the time or money to drive back and forth to a station.

Diesel Storage Tanks Can Be Transported (10 Year U.N Certified Approval)

For another efficiency point, diesel fuel bowsers are also incredibly easy to transport. With a 10 Year U.N. Certified approval on their side when you invest in a diesel fuel bowser from Trailer Engineering, these units can be taken on public roads and highways. No matter the amount of HVO diesel you have to store, you can find a suitably sized diesel fuel bowser for your needs. Check out Trailer Engineering’s full range of fuel bowsers by clicking here.

A Secure Storage Solution

Mobile fuel bowsers are one of the most secure storage solutions you can invest in for various forms of fuel. They’re completely airtight, meaning any leaks will be immediately caught by the seal of the tank. This also means there’s an overflow, allowing for extra secure storage no matter how long you leave your HVO diesel in the fuel bowser itself.

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