Fuel Bowsers: The Ultimate Construction Fuel Source & Storage Solution

Trailer Engineering | 14th April 2022

Fuel Bowser for The Construction Industry

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Fuel bowsers are an essential piece of equipment for the storage of fuel on construction sites, as well as for transportation of fuel on-site. They provide a reliable fuel source for vehicles and machinery and act as a storage tank for fuel reserves.

What Are Fuel Bowsers?

Fuel bowsers are used as fuel storage and fuel source solutions. They are designed for the transportation and storage of fuel. They are an essential piece of equipment for any construction site. Fuel bowsers come in various sizes, shapes, and uses, depending on their intended purpose. Some are small enough to be put on the back of a pick-up truck or towed behind a car or truck, while others are much larger and require their own dedicated vehicle.

Fuel bowsers typically have two compartments, the inner and outer tanks. The inner tank is usually made from polyethene, and the external tank is from steel. The inner tank holds the fuel, while the outer tank serves as a containment vessel in case of leaks or spills.

How Do They Benefit the Construction Industry?

Most construction companies have a need for an on-site fuel source, storage and distribution solution and bowsers, offer the perfect solution for the storage of diesel fuel. Fuel bowsers are self-contained fuel storage solutions that can be easily transported to wherever they are needed on a construction site. They come in a variety of sizes, from small 200-litre units to large 2140-litre units, so there is a fuel bowser to suit every construction site.

With Accessible Efficiency On-Site Fueling

Bowsers can be easily filled up at an off-site location or purchased and then delivered to where it is needed on the construction site, providing sites with an efficient and effective fuel source solution. This eliminates the need for construction workers to leave the site to refuel their vehicles and equipment, which saves time and money. Towable fuel bowsers can be fitted with a pump and dispensing hose so that fuel can be easily transferred to vehicles and equipment.

Increased Protection from Theft

Fuel bowsers are also more secure than traditional fuel storage tanks, as they can be locked and secured when not in use. This helps protect the fuel from theft and vandalism, which can be a significant problem on construction sites. Bowsers will also help ensure that fuel is only used for work purposes. For example, employees with fuel cards will often use the cards to fill up personal vehicles, and therefore fuel bowsers help ensure this does not happen.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Fuel bowsers are cost-effective for construction companies that need on-site storage of diesel fuel. By having an effective on-site fuel management system, your business could save up to 10p per litre of fuel used on site!

They are also a highly cost-effective solution because fuel can be bought in bulk, saving you money in the long run. On the other hand, fuel cards are an ineffective way to provide fuel to your site as they have various additional expenses linked to them, costing you more money for fuel than necessary.

Efficiently Transport Fuel Across Site

Mobile fuel bowsers are the perfect solution for construction companies that need to transport fuel across their site. Towable fuel bowsers can hold a large amount of fuel, meaning that you can transport fuel to wherever required on site. Trailer Engineering fuel bowsers come attached to a galvanised steel frame with a tow hitch to ensure that you have no problems transporting your fuel on-site. Alternatively, you can use large tanks for storage and have smaller mobile fuel bowsers that can be placed on the back of the pick-up trucks for easy transportation.

If you are in the construction industry and are looking for a way to improve your on-site fuel management, then fuel bowsers are the perfect solution for you!

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