Fuel Cubes; The Ultimate Offshore Fuel Source Solution

Trailer Engineering | 26th April 2021

Offshore Fuel Source Solution

Fuel Cubes

Offshore sites can be one of the most challenging places that you can work. The elements coupled with equipment can make it quite an unsafe working environment. The Offshore Statistics & Regulatory Activity 2019 Report by the HSE indicated that there were 218 dangerous occurrences. This gives you an idea of how things could quickly go wrong. The issue of transporting and delivering fuel in safe conditions has been quite challenging to deal with. But the use of fuel cubes can help reduce the incidence of dangerous occurrences as they have several features that make them the perfect offshore fuel source solution.

It is best to acquire fuel cubes that are durable and compact and address peculiar needs while adhering to all regulations. Here are some reasons you should consider switching to fuel cubes to offer the best solution to your offshore fuel problems.


Significant issues for metallic material used in offshore areas are rust and corrosion due to the pH levels of the sea and the direct effects of the elements. Corrosion or rust can affect the structural density and integrity of materials and may cause breaks in the material or lead to a collapse. Such an occurrence will be catastrophic and lead to injuries and loss.

Fuel cubes don’t corrode and can stand the elements that prevail in offshore conditions. Also, thanks to the durability of fuel cubes, there is a reduced risk of fuel becoming contaminated while on an offshore site such as an oil rig.

On Hand Supply

With enough durable and safe fuel cubes on-site, you don’t need to rely on the next shipment to get fuel to power your equipment when offshore. With your fuel cubes made to your specifications, you can store fuel safely while still being able to access your fuel easily when needed. No matter the conditions you face, fuel cubes can be designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements and needs, ensuring that you have a fuel storage solution that works.

Safe and Easy Transportation

Transporting combustible materials such as fuel must be done under strict supervision and adherence to rules and regulations that ensure safety. Due to their design, fuel tanks are durable and prevent any leaks or spillages, making them the ideal option when transporting fuel. Long-lasting fuel cubes can safely be stacked to an appreciable height to save space as they are lightweight when empty. They can also be craned or forklifted onto ships to facilitate their transportation to and from offshore sites.

Environmentally Friendly

The concern over the state of the environment has been growing over the past decade. Issues such as global warming and oil spills are at the forefront. Therefore, you must comply with the terms set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The usage of fuel cubes can be your way of contributing to making the world a safer place as there will be no leaks or spills that may endanger the environment. Top-notch fuel cubes, which have double walls, secure airlock seals, and other safety features, are the best on the market.

Cleaning up

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