Fuel Cubes Vs Bulk Fuel Delivery

Trailer Engineering | 8th June 2021


Diesel Fuel Cubes

Fuel cubes are a modern way to be more cost-effective and efficient in business, offering a wide variety of industries the way forward in receiving fuel. These may be across multiple industries such as agriculture, aviation, construction, and more. However, many companies also use bulk fuel delivery. It’s important to note that whilst both have their benefits if you are wanting to reduce costs, then fuel cubes are going to offer you massive positives.

What Are Fuel Cubes?

A fuel cube is a static fuel tank that works to optimise efficient storage and save space on-site and during transportation. The benefits are plentiful and a steel storage fuel tank can be reused and refilled whenever needed. Here are some of the main advantages of using a fuel cube:

Advantages of Using Fuel Cubes

Compact And Convenient

As the name suggests, fuel cubes are a small compact solution that can be used across numerous industries and installed in smaller spaces, helping to save space when storing your fuel. They are smaller, cost-effective and they are easier to manoeuvre, especially during transportation. If you are working in poor weather conditions or limited spaces, this makes the scenario much easier in the long run and offers you a convenient solution.

Sustainable And Long-Lasting

Sustainability is the word on every businesses’ lips at present. It’s vital to look at ways in which you can be environmentally friendly, as well as being productive for your own business. There is something known today as fuel bowser regulations and to meet this, you must comply with new regulations, for environmental reasons. This is where double-walled fuel cubes come in. A double-walled tank provides a sustainable aspect to your fuel cube, as well as reducing the need for additional spill pans; helping you to not only protect the environment but also save money.

Secure And Safe

Ensuring that your fuel cubes remain safe and secure when on or off-site is paramount. There are several risks associated with transporting and storing fuel. The main risks being fuel spills or leakages which may result in environmental pollution or even a fire. Thanks to the fuel cubes robust, durable and compact design, these risks are greatly reduced. The fuel cubes design makes it the ideal environmentally friendly, fuel storage solution.

As well as safety, security is a major issue faced by people who store fuel both on-site and off-site. Fuel cubes can be locked, meaning you won’t

Reduce Transportation

Another advantage of using fuel cubes is that when you have a fuel cube installed, there is no need to move to and from locations for fuel, saving time for your workers while eliminating staff downtime.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Many fuel types can be delivered in bulk. A company that offers bulk fuel delivery may well offer pricing plans and deliver the goods on time but when compared to a fuel cube, there are many reasons to ditch the bulk fuel and choose a more convenient option. Bulk fuel delivery is effective and is generally a safe and secure way to transport fuel and you will always have access to unlimited fuel when you order regular bulk supplies, but to conform to new regulations and move forwards with technology developments and new industry standards, then fuel cubes are a great investment.

The upfront costs associated with bulk fuel delivery may appear cheaper in the short term. However, in the long term, storage fuel tanks will provide you with further benefits.

  1. A gauge that allows you to actively see if the tank is full, empty, or will need refilling soon.
  2. It has secure locks which will prevent theft and deter any criminal activity

With these bonuses, storage fuel tanks provide you with a sense of assurance, so that you are well aware of any issues. Bulk fuel delivery is certainly not to be completely dismissed, but when weighing up the pros and cons, you must be wise in your decision-making. The value of using fuel cubes far outweighs other options. Be smart in your future decisions and look ahead with contemporary designs that save money, add to efficiency, and provide you with complete satisfaction.

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