Fuel Storage: 3 Ways to Solve Your Fuel Source, Storage and Transport Needs

Trailer Engineering | 28th June 2021

Transportable Fuel cube

Diesel Fuel Cube

When you need to keep a source of fuel on hand for easy and direct access on-site, there are a few considerations you need to define first. Indeed, if your business requires a reliable source of fuel, you need to figure out how to keep the fuel on-site and how to bring the fuel to the site. When it comes to managing your fuel source, at Trailer Engineering, we appreciate the role of storage safety, reliability, and functionality. In many industry sectors, securing access to a reliable fuel source can save a lot of time, hassle, and money in the long term. Additionally, interrupted fuel access could have devastating impacts on your site project.

We’re the leading manufacturer of industrial fuel tanks with over 40 years of experience in addressing storage and transport challenges. We’ve decided to share our expertise to help you solve your fuel source, storage and transport needs adequately. Below, you will find out more about the 3 solutions identified by our team.

Fuel Cubes: What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

Fuel cubes are static fuel storage tanks that, thanks to their shape, can save a lot of time and space in storage and transportation. A fuel tank can hold most types of fuels, including diesel, oil, and AdBlue. It’s not uncommon in a variety of industries to keep diesel fuel cubes to supply either a fleet of vehicles or external generators. Most cubes have specifically designed generator feeding points for this purpose.

Practical in size and shape, fuel cubes offer a compact and stackable storage option, ideal for smaller spaces and lorries. Each fuel cube is fitted with 4-way forklift pockets, making them suitable for fork trucking and lifting in locations that are difficult to access otherwise. Additionally, fuel cubes are fully secure as they’re lockable, so you don’t have to worry about fuel theft on-site.

Bulk Fuel Delivery: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Organising bulk fuel delivery is an essential feature of fuel-hungry projects, such as on construction, mining, or landscaping sites. Due to the constant reliance on fuel, a bulk delivery offers a practical, time- and money-saving solution for fuel supply. Indeed, you can benefit from bulk prices, which makes fuel supplies budget-friendly. Additionally, as bulk deliveries arrange transport to your site, you don’t need to worry about fuel transport regulations.

Typically, with a bulk delivery service, you’ll need to set up your own fuel storage tanks. We at Trailer Engineering strongly recommend bunded fuel tanks, such as our stackable bunded fuel cubes, which are guaranteed corrosion-free for 10 years of storage.

Fuel Bowsers: What Are They and What Are Their Benefits?

Fuel bowsers are fuel tanks fitted on a trailer. Due to current regulations, fuel bowsers are not suitable for fuel transportation on public highways unless you are using certified UK bunded fuel tanks that are approved for fuel transit. However, it’s worth mentioning that bunded fuel tanks that are not approved for transport remain suitable for fuel storage and transport on private roads and sites.

Bunded fuel bowsers offer a safe fuel storage place that prevents spillage. They are often found on sites that need to maintain generators and machinery for an extended period of time, such as filming locations, or on construction sites and in agriculture applications.

Due to transport challenges, they’re best paired with fuel cubes or bulk delivery for refill purposes.

Hopefully, this brief overview can guide you through the best options to manage your fuel sources. When it comes to fuel storage and transportation, your choice is defined by a variety of factors, including functionality, budget, regulation compliance, safety, and site access.

Would Fuel Cubes Be the Ideal Fuel Storage Solution for You? Find Out by Reading Our Guide

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