Prevent Corrosion and Fuel Contamination Without the Added Cost By Switching To Our Fuel Cubes

Trailer Engineering | 11th March 2021

Diesel Fuel Tanks

Diesel Fuel Cubes

Fuel cubes from Trailer Engineering are a smart solution for the offshore industry, delivering multiple benefits that address many of the challenges faced by offshore rigs. The harsh conditions of offshore environments cause a number of problems for traditional fuel cube tanks, including corrosion and fuel contamination. Our fuel cubes solve these issues by providing a robust but light product that is affordable and long-lasting.

Fuel Storing Challenges Faced by Offshore Rigs

An uninterrupted power supply is vital for offshore operations so fuel and power solutions need to be reliable. Offshore industries face multiple challenges when it comes to fuel storage and the use of fuel, including compliance with environmental legislation and the need for reliable and durable fuel storage. Meeting the demands of such an environment requires fuel solutions that go above and beyond to keep operations running.

The environmental conditions of an offshore rig call for tough, durable fuel storage. Fuel tanks that are not made of the right materials are often vulnerable to corrosion, leading to fuel contamination and other issues. Some of the challenge’s diesel generators must survive to include extreme temperatures, wind, and high saline levels.

Trailer Engineering Fuel Cubes: A Solution to Multiple Issues

Trailer Engineering offers a fuel storage solution for offshore operations that combats a range of complications caused by the harsh environment. When using a bunded fuel cube from our range, you can feel confident that it will offer the durability and reliability required.

Our fuel cubes are not subject to corrosion, offering the necessary protection to meet regulations and prevent leaks and contamination. Diesel fuel is required to be stored in containers with the correct structural integrity to hold their contents. Containers must be bunded if they contain more than 200 litres of fuel to provide the necessary strength. In addition to this, are fuel cubes can be stacked two high when full and three high when empty, allowing for an optimal fuel storage solution.

We are the only company that provides both a poly inner and poly outer fuel cube, which is ideal in corrosive environments. Our Polycube range consists of a polyethene inner tank, outer bund, and galvanized steel frame and thanks to the strength of our fuel cubes, we’re able to provide the offshore industry with fuel cubes that protect the environment by lowering the risk of leaks and spillages, which also saves money.

Galvanized steel prevents corrosion and is also the lightest Trailer Engineering fuel cube option available, much lighter than our steel fuel cubes. This means that it can be moved more easily, offering a more flexible, transportable fuel storage solution. They are also affordable, helping to provide not just short-term savings on purchase but also long-term savings through the prevention of fuel loss and compliance issues.

Our fuel cubes have a 10-year approval, guaranteeing long-lasting protection that can survive the toughest of conditions. One of the primary countries our fuel cubes are exported to is Norway, where they are able to withstand some of the most extreme environmental conditions.

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Trailer Engineering Fuel Cubes

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