Prevent Water Contamination and Corrosion with Our Water Bowsers

Trailer Engineering | 11th October 2021

Trailer Engineering Water Bowsers

Trailer Engineering Water Bowsers

A water bowser comes in all shapes and sizes and is suitable for a range of industries and uses. The main use of a water bowser is to transport potable water and non-potable water, which are used in a range of sectors. Not only do we offer a mobile water bowser for use in the agricultural industry, as an example, but we do have site water tanks, which are commonly used in the construction industry. But how can one of our water bowsers help your business when it comes to preventing water contamination?

What is a Trailer Engineering Water Bowser?

Trailer Engineering water bowsers can be used in several ways. As the name suggests, the main use of a water bowser is to transport or store water, though they can be used in a number of other ways. You can get water storage tanks from us that range in size; if you are looking for a specific size then you can always get in touch as larger tanks can be approved upon request. Made from polyethylene, they are strong and durable, which is ideal when you’re looking for a towable water bowser.

Advantages of Trailer Engineering Water Bowsers

One of the advantages of choosing our water bowsers is that there are several options to choose from. For instance, you can choose between static bowsers or ones that are towable, as well as towable water tanks, and others.

If you choose a towable water bowser, then the advantages of using them are that they’re designed to make transporting water (or fluid) across a site easy. This is why they can be a good solution for particular industries, from construction to aviation. Our water bowsers are very durable, which again, makes them simple to transport. Another advantage of our water bowsers is that they are designed with being towed or transported in mind. When being towed, they are fitted with a system that means if the bowser becomes unhitched, it will cause the bowser to brake, making sure that it comes to a stop.

Why Choose a Water Bowser from Trailer Engineering?

As you can see, our water bowsers provide several benefits that come There are some additional reasons why our water bowsers are the best water storage solution.

Prevent Contamination

Our selection of water bowsers and water tanks are the best solution for your water storage. The reason why they help to prevent contamination is that they are portable, meaning that you can transport them from one area to another with ease. Not only that, but they will keep the water secure with locking devices that ensure that a tank's contents will not be tampered with. As well as these great features, the tanks can be fitted with pumps, as well as sprinkler systems to allow water out, without letting anything else in.

Corrosion Resistant

Due to the nature of the materials used for our water bowsers, i.e., non-metallic parts, they will not become rusty or corrode like metal water tanks can (another reason why our tanks will prevent water contamination too). This is important when you think that a bowser can be outdoors for long periods of time, in all different weather conditions.

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