//1125 Litre 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Highway Bowser

1125 Litre 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Highway Bowser

DIMENSIONS: (Approximately)

Width: 1.55m (61”)
Length: 3.454m (136”)
Height: 1.346m (53”)
Unladen weight: 375kg
Laden Max: 500kg
Towing Height: (Level) 400mm

Product Description

CHASSIS: Constructed from 100 x 50 RSC fully welded, with front standing plate and an ‘A’ frame drawbar, 80x80x6 RSA frame, hot dipped galvanised.

AXLE/SUSPENSION: Single 45mm solid square beam axle fitted with heavy duty taper rolled bearing hub.

WHEELS AND TYRES: 2 No. 175 x 13 x 8ply tyres on 4 stud 5.1/2” pcd rims.

COUPLING: 2” solid forged ring eye.

TANK: Polyethylene moulded tank elliptical in section, baffled & fitted with a 22”lockable outer hinged manlid cover, inner sealed vented manlid. Tank secured to chassis with 2 stainless steel straps.1 rear tap fitted, 2” bottom drain underneath rear of tank. 2 rear outlets.

PUMP: Yanmar electric start L100 10HP engine driving a 200 Bar (3000 psi), 15Lpm piston pump c/w hand lance & 9m of hose stowed on bracket. Fuel consumption approx 1.5L/Hr, running time approx 2.9Hrs

ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: T27 Adjustable Screw Leg.

FINISH: Tank moulded in yellow, blue, red or green polyethylene. Chassis galvanised.

DIMENSIONS: (Approximately)

Width: 1.447m (57”)
Length: 3.479m (137”)
Height: 1.37m(52 ½”)
Unladen weight: 370kg
Laden Max: 1460kg
Towing Height: (Level) 460mm


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