2000kg Damper (KFG20, KRV20 Couplings)

£78.20 + VAT

Genuine Knott-Avonride 2000kg hydraulic damper suitable for KRV20, KFG20, KRV17, KF17 and KF20 couplings. Will fit some Ifor Williams trailer couplings.

Trailer coupling dampers are sometimes referred to shock absorbers this is because the damper produces a cushioning effect to prevent the trailer from slamming when braking. When you apply the brakes your trailer will try to slam into the car this is prevented by the damper compressing inside the coupling and applies the brakes as and when it is needed giving you control of your trailer when towing.

How to know if your coupling damper needs changing?

The caravan or trailers coupling dampers job is to give smooth and controlled braking. When the damper has failed it is very noticeable, you will notice a slamming or snatching effect when braking. It is always worth checking the brake adjustment as this can give the same effect as a failed damper. Coupling dampers for overrun braking systems are pressurised when assembled, meaning it should take a considerable amount of pressure to push the coupling head back by hand. If you can push the coupling head back easily or it feels springy then this generally would mean the damper needs changings as it has failed.




Delivery Information & Exclusions.

* UK Mainland Delivery, Delivery price above Excludes Northern Ireland, Northern Scotland & Isles, West Wales, coastal areas Etc Price On Application (POA).

*For none UK Deliveries POA.

*Offloading of heavy items such as bowsers & tanks should be made by a forklift with extended forks or similar heavy lifting equipment. If you will be offloading via an overhead crane and require delivery to be made on flat bed vehicle please advise prior to purchase as additional charges may apply, our standard delivery vehicles are normally curtain sided vehicles and don’t allow access for overhead cranes. If a forklift with extended forks is not available to offload, please advise prior to purchase as we can make alternative arrangements i.e. Via HIAB Delivery. However, these special deliveries will be POA.

*Delivery is a kerbside service only, and not a “drop at your door service”. Arrangements must be made by the customer to manoeuvre the tanks into position.

* It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there is safe and adequate access for large lorries.

*Trailer Engineering Will contact you prior to despatch to advise delivery date, if for any reason delivery is attempted and failed on the advised date, it is the customers responsibility to cover the initial transport costs and any additional charges to get the units back to ourselves and Re-delivered on another date. Therefore, it is vital that if delivery is expected on a specific date that someone is available with the correct offloading facilities and can sign for the goods at the delivery address as additional charges for failed deliveries can be significant.

*As offloading is the customers responsibility any damages to the units which is caused during the offloading process wouldn’t be covered under warranty and would be the customers responsibility.

*Tanks cannot be left without a customer’s signature.

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