2900PSI Karcher HDS 1000DE Hotwash Pressure Washer

£8,200.00 + VAT

The Karcher HDS 1000DE is a 2900psi hot water high pressure cleaner otherwise known as a hotwash pressure washer that comes complete with a 10hp diesel powered Yanmar L100V engine. The Yanmar engine comes fitted with a electric start function.

This Karcher HDS 1000 De hotwasher has a pressure of 40 – 200 bar, 2900 PSI and a flow rate of 450 – 900 litres per hour

The maximum temperature of the hotwash pressure washer is 80 – 98 °C.  There is a optimised ease of use with an automatic burner cut-out in case of water shortage, overheating protection.

There is a ergonomically designed trigger jetting gun that is easy to use.

For maximum performance the Karcher HDS 1000DE hot wash pressure washer is fitted with a high-output burner with upright heating coil and for continuous ignition without deflagration.

This hot wash pressure washer is perfect for removing stubborn encrustations and has a stage V engine to meet current emission standards.

The hot wash pressure washer can also be fitted onto Trailer Engineering’s water bowser range offering you a mobile unit that has its own water supply wherever you may take it for cleaning duties. Find out more about our Hotwash pressure washer water bowser trailers by clicking here for 1125L twin axle water bowser or here for 2000L twin axle water bowser.

Comes Complete with full Karcher warranty.


Hotwash Equipment

  • Trigger gun: EASY!Force Advanced
  • Caged frame
  • Electric start Yanmar diesel engine
  • Power nozzle
  • Servo Control
  • Sturdy tubular steel frame for handling with crane
  • Full Karcher Warrenty

Technical Information Of This Hotwash Pressure Washer:

FLOW RATE L/H 450-900


OPERATING PRESSURE (BAR/MPa) – 40-200 / 4-20






DIMMENSSIONS – 1100mm L X 750mm W X 785mm H

Why is a hot wash pressure washer better than a cold washer?

A cold wash pressure washer is designed to remove dirt but when it comes to cleaning a surface that has grease and oil bonded to it a hotwash pressure washer will help remove the dirt and grime more efficiently and will require less effort when cleaning. The hot water from the pressure washer helps break down the oil / grease via the heat as well as the pressure the water is blasted at, whereas a cold wash pressure washer relies mainly on the high pressure of water. Both hot wash and cold wash pressure washers can be fitted with the ability to use soap / detergent with the water from the pressure washer, making it better to break down the dirt while also in some cases disinfecting the surface that is being washed. Hot water pressure washers bring together a perfect balance of three key elements heat, agitation and soap, these three key features deliver a more effective pressure clean. This is done by the heat creating a high-speed molecular action that causes the cleaning agent to be more active and reduce the water’s surface tension so it can effectively penetrate grime at the molecular level. Agitation is the impact that comes from the water volume and water pressure that the pressure washer’s water pump creates and when it hit’s the surface is loosens the dirt and grime. For an even more effective clean, by using soap / detergent it will chemically break down the bond between dirt and the surface. These detergents often use softening agents that emulsify’ s oil and grease to make them soft and easier for the agitation from the water to blast away the dirt and grease.


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