Dust Suppression Highway & Site


Trailer Engineering spray bars are available and can be fitted to any Site or Highway Tow Water Bowser in the Range

Dust suppression is very important when operating on a building / demolition site for health and safety. If your site does not have the sufficient dust control health and safety inspectors will shut down the site until the matter is dealt with. The most efficient and effective way to deal with dust is to use a water bowser fitted with the appropriate equipment for dust control. Trailer Engineering offer a full range of dust suppression products including water bowsers fitted with spray bars as you will find below.

Technical Specifications

Option 1:

1” Honda Hand Start Petrol Pump Plumbed into Bowser & fitted with Rear Spray Bar, which will force water out of the holes along the bar to spread water.

Option 2:

Gravity Fed Spray Bars, (no pump) meaning water will trickle out the holes on the spray bar without being forced out, (just gravity fed).

Option 3:

Rear Spray bar fitted with spray nozzles connected to a 3000 psi pressure washer for a more even suppression of dust.