Pressure Washers

Over the years Trailer Engineering have made a number of different pressure washers for many different applications for many different sectors

if you're looking for an industry standard pressure washer bowser for commercial use by far the biggest seller is the 3000psi Yanmar electric start diesel engine pressure washer which can be coupled with either a 1125 litre or 2000 litre bowser.

If you have a particular application whether it be hot wash, cold wash, site tow, highway tow or skid base Trailer Engineering can help, using only quality brands such as Yanmar and Honda, their sure to have the right product to suit the job.

In this demanding market lead times are very important, usually within a day or so stock Pressure Washer Bowsers are available and with more bespoke builds between 7 to 10 working days.

Got a corporate colour no problem Trailer Engineering has a range of colour options available at no extra cost.

If you cannot see what you want speak to our sales team who are happy to advise.

Additional Information on Pressure Washers

What type of oil does a pressure washer use?

Different types of pressure washer brands may advise you to use a specific type of oil, this information will be found in the pressure washers operating handbook. The most common oil's used in Trailer Engineering's jet washer range are 1540 Engine oil and SAE90W Gearbox and pump oil. It is important to ensure you use the appropriate engine oil and gearbox oil to achieve maximum reliability and efficiency. The average pressure washer engine will hold 1.6 litres of engine oil. The pressure washer pump and gearbox will have a site glass on the side where the oil level should be in the centre of the site glass. Some site glasses may have markings to help identify the correct oil level. 

How to winterise pressure washer's

It is extremely important to protect your pressure washer when there is a risk of frost to prevent damage to the jet washer. To winterise your pressure washers, you should run a mild anti-freeze solution through the pump via the water supply hose (or separate hose if bowser mounted).  If using this method ensure all anti-freeze solution is washed through pump on commencement of work to avoid damage to paint work or sensitive areas. Another method of winterising your pressure washers is to disconnect the water supply after use and run the machine for approximately 15 seconds until the water has stopped coming from the pump. The last option for winterisation of a jet washer is to store it inside where the temperature will stay above freezing.

If in doubt do not start the machine as damage may occur.