Water Bowsers

What Are Water Bowsers?

Also known as water trailers, water bowsers are a type of trailer fitted with a tank that is able to carry water. Bowsers can carry anything from diesel to kerosene and more, but water bowsers are specifically designed to carry water.

Coming in a variety of sizes and with features that can suit your specific needs, water bowsers are designed to allow for the easy transportation of water storage for emergencies or industrial use. They are also customisable, with options such as static water bowsers and towable water bowsers available.

How Do You Use a Water Bowser?

Water bowsers are used as convenient water storage, which can be used in many settings, such as for pressurised water tools and for cleaning away hazardous dust on construction sites. They are filled from the top with water from a source of your choosing, using the access lid. Once the lid is closed, you can use the tap or valve that is attached to empty the bowser. Water bowers can be fitted with hoses, sprinkler systems, spray bars, and more, to help you get the kind of utility you require from them.

Drinking Water Bowser
Drinking Water Bowser

Types Of Water Bowsers

There are many varieties of water bowsers. They can come in different sizes for different volumes of water, in static form or towable water bowsers, and with a range of features and accessories that allow you to use them however you want. You can also choose your water bowser trailer based on what type of water it’s supposed to be carrying.

Bowser's For Potable Water

Potable water is commonly referred to as “drinking water,” though, in reality, it is used for much more than drinking alone, such as washing utensils and materials, designed to be used in human consumption. Potable water has to be kept uncontaminated due to the potential for human congestion. As such, portable water tanks for potable water have to conform to WRAS standards to make sure they can safely store drinking water without contamination.

Bowser’s For Non-Potable Water

By contrast, non-potable water can’t be used for drinking purposes. As such, portable water tanks do not have to meet the same regulations as bowers for potable water. These trailers can be used for plumbing, gardening applications, construction site use, and as a part of rainwater harvesting systems.

Water Bowser Benefits:

Eliminates The Risk of Contamination

When it comes to storing drinking water storage for emergencies or more general use, water bowsers for potable water are designed to prevent contamination of said water. At Trailer Engineering, our water browsers have been fully tested by the drinking water inspectorate (DWI) and are secretary of state-approved for the use of drinking water.

Easy To Maneuver Around a Site

While you can get static varieties, towable water bowsers bring the convenience of being able to hook them up to any vehicle, and the lighter ones can even be pulled by hand. This can allow you to bring water anywhere around the site that wheels can reach.

An Economical & Efficient Solution

Water bowsers are designed to store and hold water, keeping it free from contamination and corrosion. As such, using them as opposed to other, less effective water storage solutions can be much more efficient, reducing your waste.

Suitable For a Range of Industries

From agriculture to construction, manufacturing to cleaning, these portable water tanks have seen use across a variety of industries. Whenever you need water storage for emergencies or general use, towable water bowsers might be the answer to your needs.

Drinking Water Bowser

Industrial Operations Of A Water Bowser

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