Water Bowsers

At Trailer Engineering, we manufacture a full range of water bowsers that suit a wide variety of applications for several different industries. Our highway water bowsers are ideal for transporting non-potable and potable water, which, along with our site water bowsers are used across the construction, agricultural and aerospace sectors. Our site water bowsers are commonly used within the construction industry due to their tough and durable chassis that suit the rugged conditions that can be found on construction sites where there is no active mains supply. Trailer Engineering also manufactures a large range of dust suppression bowsers, firefighting water bowsers, static water tanks, pressure washer bowsers and drinking water cubes.

The water bowsers we manufacture can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements; to find out more information on our water bowsers, get in touch with a member of the Trailer Engineering team on +44(0)1384 564765 or by emailing us on sales@trailereng.com. You can also contact us via the contact form below.

Why Cleaner Water?

Our water bowsers have been fully tested by the Drinking water inspectorate (DWI) and are secretary of state-approved for the use of drinking water.

The special Polyethylene tanks for drinking water have a property as not to let UV rays penetrate the tank to keep water fresh.

see operating instructions for information on chlorination.

Drinking water only available in blue any other colour available for site water.

Water Bowser Sun Rays

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