Stackable Drink Water Tanks

1125 Litre Water Stackable Drink Water Tanks


The 1125 litre stackable drink water tank is perfect for storage and distribution of emergency drinking water. Originally manufactured for government and water authorities for storing drinking water, in a drink water tank in hidden locations and then moved into strategic locations around towns in need of a freshwater supply after natural disasters such as flooding. The drink water tank has proven to be a vital piece of equipment for ensuring a supply of clean drinking water to those in need. Our drink water tank is perfectly logistical, manoeuvrability and can be easily stored as they can be stacked 3 high when empty and 2 high when full. Multiple lockable taps are available on these drink water tanks.

1125 Drink Water Tank Dimensions (approximate):

HEIGHT: 1524mm (60”)
LENGTH: 1828mm (72”)
WIDTH: 1537mm (60 1⁄2”)

Technical Specifications


Polyethylene moulded tank, elliptical in section, baffled, blue approved for drinking water. Fitted with a 22” Diameter lockable outer hinged manlid cover, inner sealed vented manlid. Tank secured to frame with 2 stainless steel straps.Internal anti surge baffle. 2 rear lockable brass draw off taps.


4 legged pallet type frame constructed from 60 x 60 R.H.S Section. 2 No. pressed steel fork truck channels fitted under base of tank frame. 4 No. 70mm square pallet feet fitted to base of upright legs for locating frames. 4 No. Built in 40mm diameter lifting eyes welded to uprights. All framework fully hot dipped galvanised to British standards.


2” Male hydrant connection. Rubber blanking cap for male hydrant fitting. Rear dog guards for taps, 2” locking ball valve on discharge outlet.

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