1125 Water Skid


The 1125 litre water skid is completely customizable to meet every requirement. As seen in the picture this skid base is a flower watering water tank that has fork truck accessibility.

The water skid base has also previously been manufactured to hold a 3000 psi diesel pressure washer for washing down equipment upon their return to a depot. A budget toilet emptying tank is also available on the 1125 litre water skid base. Click the link to read about this cheaper alternative to a vacuum tanker.

Water Skid Dimensions (approximate):

LENGTH :- 2.3m
WIDTH   :- 1.21m
HEIGHT  : - 1m


Our 1125 Water Skid is constructed from 80 x 80 R.S.A. fully welded, all fully hot dipped galvanised. 5mm sheet front mounting plate.

Technical Specifications


For our 1125 Water Skid, we use a polyethylene moulded tank elliptical in section, baffled & fitted with an 18” lockable outer hinged manlid covering inner sealed vented manlid. Tank secured to chassis with 2 stainless steel straps. 1 rear tap (2 rear outlets)


Polyethylene tank in choice of yellow, green, blue or red. Galvanised Chassis.


Various Pumps & Hose Reel options available on request.

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