2000 Litre Animal Feeder E.U Highway Bowser Large Trough


The 2000 litre water bowser comes available in highway towable and site towable trailers as standard with options to extend the chassis to house a animal feeding water trough. The trough has a automatic self fill where when the float has dropped it will let more water into the trough, meaning you can leave the water bowser in a remote location to feed animals over a period of time.

Every trailer that leaves the factory is built to the highest of standards to ensure the reliability and durability of the trailer. This water trailer has a single axle for more ground clearence when towing over rough terrain and is fully certified to be towed on the public roads. The lighting board is secured in a channel with guard to protect the lights from animals that are drinking from the trough, there is also two stabalising drop stands to prevent the trailer from tipping.

Animals such as sheep, cows, deer and horses are very comfortable and can easily reach to drink from a water bowser with trough.

Dimensions (approximate):

HEIGHT: 1.600m (63”)
LENGTH: 4.090m (161”)
WIDTH: 1.982m (78”)
TOWING HEIGHT (level) 480mm


Constructed from 5mm pressed steel section fully welded with a standing plate and 100 x 50 R.S.C ‘A’ frame drawbar & a front standing plate.

Technical Specifications


Single Avonride torsion beam axle fitted with 300 x 60 auto reverse brakes.


2 no. 235 /85 x 16 12 ply radial tyres on 5 stud 6.1/2” pcd rims


Knott 3000kg capacity posibrake over run auto reverse coupling c/w breakaway cable, spring assisted handbrake lever, fitted with 40mm eye or 50mm ball.


Polyethylene moulded tank, elliptical in section, with internal anti surge baffle & fitted with an 18” lockable outer hinged manlid cover, inner sealed vented manlid. 2” front draw off, 2 rear outlet connections. Tank secured to chassis with 2 stainless steel straps.


Plastic mudguards, front telescopic jockey wheel, full road lighting c/w 7pin plug, 2 rear prop stands. Atlas Plastics 30 Gallon Double Water Trough. Tough Strong and a leading
industry product fitted with B.S Ball valve. Float protect by plastic cover.
Capacity: - 136 Litres/ 30 Gal.


Polyethylene tank in yellow, green, red or blue drinking water blue tank only. Galvanized chassis.

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