2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser Large Trough


This animal feeder water bowser is perfect for farms that do not have to the cross public highway. The site towable water trailer is perfect for offroading across farmers fields to deliver water to the cattle as it is manufactured with flotation wheels to enable good ground clearance and a fully welded chassis to ensure it is strong for those rough terrains. The trailer is fitted with  two rear stabilising drop stands to make sure the trailer does not tip back when a animal is drinking from the trough. The trough has a self fill feature where it will refill the trough when the water has dropped below the required amount. It a perfect way to supply animals with water as cows, sheep, deer and horses are very comfortable to drink from these water bowsers.

Dimensions (approximate):

HEIGHT:1.600m (63”)
LENGTH:3.861m (152”)
WIDTH:1.854m (73”)
TOWING HEIGHT(level) 420mm

Blue Drinking Water Tank Approved by Secretary of State under Regulation 31(4)a Tank Approved to BS 8920:2000 For Drinking Water Bowsers


Constructed from 5mm pressed steel section fully welded with a 100 x 50 R.S.C ‘A’ frame drawbar and a front standplate.

Technical Specifications


Single solid beam axle fitted with 6 stud 205 PCD Hubs


2 No. 10.5 X 15 flotation tyres on 6 stud 205 PCD rims.


2” Forged solid ring eye.


Polyethylene moulded tank, elliptical in section, with internal anti surge baffle, 2” front draw off, 2 rear outlet connections, fitted with an 18” lockable outer hinged manlid cover, inner sealed vented manlid. Tank secured to chassis with 2 stainless steel straps.


Front Screwjack. Atlas Plastics 30 Gallon Double Water Trough. Tough Strong and a leading industry product fitted with B.S Ball valve. Float protect by plastic cover. 2 rear prop stands.
Dimensions of Animal Trough :- 47" x 19 x 11 (1193 x 482 x 280 mm)
Capacity - 136 litres/ 30 Gal


Poly tank in yellow, green, blue or red (blue drinking water) Galvanised chassis

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Industrial Operations Of A Water Bowser