Service Information

Please find the latest Trailer Engineering service information and operating instructions for Trailer Engineering Bowsers. It includes service maintenance information, weights and dims of our Bowsers, How to Pressure test and exploded diagrams of pumps for fitters/customers to make it easier for our Customers to identify parts they require.

Operating Instructions:

The following operating instructions includes how to use the Bowsers, the maintenance checks which should be carried out, Weights and dims of the Bowsers and all the information you require to operate Trailer Engineering’s Bowsers.

Here you will also find how to replace bearings, how to maintain the axle, tyre pressures and fault diagnosis.

Test Procedures:

Test procedure documents are listed below, these have all the information you would require of how to pressure test Trailer Engineering Bowsers with step by step instructions. We also have a Youtube page where you can watch a video of how to pressure test a Diesel Bowser.

It’s a very simple and straight forward procedure. If you still get stuck please do not hesitate to call Trailer Engineering and we are more than happy to help.


In the below, you will also find breakdowns of exploded diagrams of Trailer Engineering bowsers.

Bowsers are made up of many components and unfortunately, we cannot get a complete breakdown of each bowser as they have different parts and may vary between customer to customer to suit their specifications.

Coupling Breakdowns:

Trailer Engineering uses Knott Avonride running gear on the bowsers, please find exploded diagrams of the couplings and please see operating instructions for the service manual and spare parts list for the avonride axles and couplings.

Frost Precautions:

When the colder weather comes its important to protect your Bowsers from the Frost, especially the pumps which are open the colder weather. In the below we have a frost precaution in place to avoid pumps from freezing when the colder weather comes.

It is very important to look after your Bowsers when the frost hits to avoid damage of Frozen pumps. Sometimes the water inside the pumps will freeze which could affect them as it makes them expand and crack resulting them not to work.
Please find document with Frost Precautions to help avoid this happening.

Leaking Tanks:

Trailer Engineering has never had a Diesel inner tank leak, this is due to there are no seams for any fuel to leak from. If you have excess fuel in the outer bund of a Diesel Bowser this could be from a number of things, everything from leaving the trigger nozzle open, not venting the tank or filling the Bowser up to much which makes the fuel overflow into the outer bund.

Trailer Engineering now offer a 3 year guarantee on the inner fuel tanks as we are confident that our Inner Tanks do not leak. *see terms and conditions*.
Please find how to identify a “leaking tank” document.