The Value of Switching to Trailer Engineering Fuel Cubes

Trailer Engineering | 29th March 2021

Diesel Fuel Cube

Diesel Fuel Cubes

The use of fuel cubes is a cost-effective way to store and transport fuel in your business. They are used in several industries, including the power generation industry and the agriculture industry, offering several benefits.

But what is a fuel cube and why should you use the fuel cubes for sale at Trailer Engineering?

What Is A Fuel Cube?

Fuel cubes are static fuel tanks that have been manufactured to guarantee the efficient transportation and storage of fuel. They are compact and durable, with space-saving qualities that benefit any company with a lack of space on their transport or site.

Fuel cubes have 4-way forklift pockets and lifting points which ensure easy mobility, and they also have a lockable compartment to keep contents and pumping equipment secure. They are perfect for refuelling generators, fleet vehicles, and machinery, and can be stacked together when being stored or transported.

Why Switch to Trailer Engineering Fuel Cubes?

When you're looking to store and transport fuel, you want the best fuel tank available. That is why we recommend the benefits of our fuel cubes to you. We have various fuel cubes for sale in a range of different sizes, and we can advise on the best type of fuel tank for your particular business.

The Benefits of Switching to Trailer Engineering Fuel Cubes?

All of our fuel cubes come with a 10-year U.N/ADR

When transporting fuel cubes on a public highway, you need a bunded fuel cube that is certified under the U.N/ADR certifications. You can remain compliant with fuel bowser regulations when purchasing a fuel cube from us, and you can also have peace of mind knowing that your fuel tank has been manufactured with safety and durability in mind.

We Are Cheaper Than Our Main Competitors

Not only are our fuel cube tanks a cost-effective way to store and transport your fuel, but you can also save money when you choose to buy from us. We are cheaper than our main competitors and can offer you a great deal when you select from our range of products.

No Other Company Provides Poly Inner and Poly Outer

We are the only company that provides poly inner and poly outer fuel cubes, which makes them ideal for corrosive environments that are typically found on offshore oil rigs. Consisting of a polyethene inner tank, outer bund, and galvanized steel frame, our uniquely manufactured fuel cubes are built to combat rust and corrosion.

This provides you with several advantages including having one of the cleanest ways to store fuel. There will also be a reduced risk of fuel leaks and spillages, which is essential when it comes to protecting the environment; making our fuel tanks ideal for the offshore industry. Additionally, by reducing the possibility of fuel leaks, you're also eliminating the amount of money spent on fixing any fuel leaks as well as the need to purchase more fuel which in turn, helps you save more money.

They Are Our Lightest Product

Our galvanized steel frame with Poly inner and outer tanks are the lightest fuel cube option we have available. This means they can be moved more easily, giving you a better, more flexible fuel storage solution.

Don’t Wait, Purchase One of Our U.N. Certified Fuel Cubes Today

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