Trailer Engineering’s Guide to Effective Fuel Transportation Solutions

Trailer Engineering | 1st Febuary 2022

Fuel Transportation Solutions - Fuel Cubes

Two Diesel Fuel Cubes

Transporting Fuel: How to Stay Compliant

Fuel is vital to a majority of construction and industrial worksites, keeping your machines operational and your projects on time. However, it’s vital that you’re aware of the current regulations and what you can do to stay compliant, including when you are transporting that fuel on a public highway.

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001 outline that businesses that hold over 200 litres must follow specific regulations, outside of a few exemptions. These regulations cover the necessity for storage containers to be installed in compliance with building regulations. They must also be stored in areas where there is minimal risk from damage due to weather, machinery, or other impacts, areas that are safe from flooding, away from roof height and above, on impermeable surfaces, and at least 10 metres away from natural water sources (50 metres if it’s a spring)

There are even regulations for the components of your fuel tank, so it’s worth taking a look at the details of the UK’s fuel storage regulations to make sure that your own storage meets those regulations.

Types Of Fuel Storage & Fuel Transportation Solutions:

So, which fuel storage tanks are best to suit your fuel transportation needs? Here, we will take a look at the three most common options, their advantages, and some of the instances in which they’re designed to be used.

Utilising Fuel Cubes

Fuel cubes are static fuel tanks that are designed to allow for the easy storage and transportation of fuel. Aside from being designed to meet every regulation on fuel storage and to safely keep fuel with minimal risk of contamination, fuel cubes have plenty of benefits, such as coming with forklift pockets, lifting points, and generator feeding points that allow them to be picked up, moved, and conveniently stored.

Towable Fuel Tanks

Also known as portable fuel bowsers, these are large tanks that are set up on a trailer, that can be hooked to a wide variety of vehicles. This can make fuel transport and storage much more accessible for worksites, providing that so long as you are able to reach an area with a vehicle, you can also transport the fuel tank there. Bowsers are designed to be resilient and reliable, minimizing the risk of contamination or corrosion that might otherwise result in expensive fuel waste. They can also be fitted with accessories that can allow for the easy transfer of fuel, too.

Delivering Fuel in Bulk

As well as having your own fuel transport, there is also the option of having fuel delivered in bulk to your site. This usually means that fuel is delivered in vehicles with their own fuel storage tanks. This can be more economic and efficient than, for instance, fueling up at your local fuel station. However, when it comes to industrial use of fuel, the added portability and convenience built into towable fuel tanks and fuel cubes can make this option a little less accessible. As such, you need to consider your operation and how you need to access fuel before you make your decision.

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