Water Bowsers: The Unrivalled Water Transportation Solution

Trailer Engineering | 9th November 2021

Water Bowsers for Water Transportation

Water bowsers for drinking water transportation

Water Bowsers: What are They and Why Are They Used?

Water bowsers, also known as water trailers, are fitted with a tank and are mainly used for water transportation and storage. Precisely, mobile water bowsers are used to provide drinking water to sites such as welfare sites.

They are also used to settle the dust in construction sites. Dust poses a threat to the health of the people working on these sites. For this reason, water bowsers are used in dust suppression to counter possible health effects.

Transportable water tanks range in sizes from 500 litres, 985 litres, 1125 litres, and 2000 litres, among other larger tanks, which can hold up to 30,000 litres available upon request. Additionally, there are different types of water bowsers as outlined below;

  • Water bowsers with hot and cold pressure.
  • Water bowsers with trough trough
  • Drinking water bowsers
  • Flower water bowsers
  • Wastewater bowsers
  • Skid base
  • Aircraft ground handling water bowsers
  • Water cubes
  • Water bowser for dust suppression
  • Water bowser with an on-demand pump.

These water bowsers can be filled with water through the detachable lid found at the top of the tank. Water is then emptied through the taps or valves located at the back of the tank. Moreover, these water bowsers have water pumps and pressure jets needed for dust suppression, pressure washing applications, or to fasten the water emptying process.

Benefits of Using Bowsers for Water Transportation and Storage

There are several benefits to using mobile water browsers.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Water bowsers are easy to manoeuvre as they’re well-built to transport fluids more conveniently and safely, reducing the problems you could encounter with other means of water transportation.

Water bowsers have a mechanism to apply brakes in case of any accident threat on the road, bringing them to a complete stop. As a result, it ensures safety in the storage tanks for water as you transport water on the road. Additionally, water bowsers ensure water is accessible in sites, especially when there are no water mains, ensuring the intended operations.

Water Bowsers Are Designed to Prevent Corrosion and Contamination

One of the primary benefits of water bowsers is that they are designed to ensure water remains safe during transportation. In this regard, they are manufactured to the highest quality while considering health and safety to prevent corrosion and contamination.

Drinking water bowsers also ensure that the water retains its quality by preventing contamination for as long as possible. In this regard, you are assured that water will remain fresh for use regardless of the time taken in the water transportation process. It would be best to consider transporting water using a water bowser due to their high dependability.

Secure and Durable

When looking for a water bowser, you can be guaranteed that they are safe and approved by the drinking water inspectorate. In this regard, the water will remain safe from any external threat. Additionally, since towable water bowsers can be easily detached, they can be locked up, reducing the chances of theft and possible loss on your side.

Water bowsers are durable as they are built with strong materials. Additionally, the water bowsers have heavy-duty wheels that allow them to manoeuvre on rough surfaces and can be towed behind most vehicles.

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