Water Bowsers Vs Static Water Tanks

Trailer Engineering | 15th December 2021

Water Bowsers and water tanks

Water Bowser

Wherever you’re working in your manual field, you may need to tow a significant amount of water along for your project. When it comes to the way in which you carry the water, you have a couple of options. Both suit different environments and situations.

Here, we’ll quickly delve into water bowsers and tanks. We’ll talk briefly about the differences and the benefits. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Water Bowsers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Water bowsers are used for both the storage and the transportation of water. Both clean water and waste water are stored within these containers and can come in many different sizes. You can get some as small as 200 litres, to one that is as large as 30,000 litres. It all depends on what the project ahead is aimed at. They work on farms, construction sites, and all kinds of different events.

When it comes to filling up a towable water bowser, you can do it through the lid on the top. Larger static bowsers tend to be filled by a road tanker. Some are connected to the mains water supply and care will need to be taken to comply with the relevant regulations.

Bowsers have valves at the front or back that are used to empty them. You can use pressure jet washers and pumps in order to wash off construction dust, empty faster, and wash the tank itself. Dust suppression bowsers have gravity and pump options depending on the requirements of the spray bar.

Benefits Of Using Water Bowsers:

They Help to Prevent Water Contamination

Water contamination is very prevalent in these situations. A huge benefit of water bowsers is that they are made to ensure water is both safe during transportation and that the quality is retained. They help to remove the possibility of the water becoming contaminated and you are assured that water will remain fresh for use. This reliability means that you can typically depend on bowsers.

Convenient And Easy to Transport

When it comes to moving water bowsers around, they prove not to be too much of a struggle. Towing them is often a simple task and getting to where they’re needed doesn’t take too much time, effort, or money.

It’s A Cost-Effective Water Storage Solution

In a world where you might find other options that can take a chunk out of your budget, water bowsers will be a sound return on investment.

What Are Static Water Tanks?

Static water tanks are used to store clean water for the likes of toilet flushing, showering, hand washing, and plenty of other activities. They are also used as storage tankers of waste. They come in many different options and different sizes. They are a very cost-effective and simple method of supplying all kinds of working sites with water. In a field where you can fit new underground water pipes, static water tanks are excellent additions that will be not only convenient but will save you lots of money in the meantime.

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