Water Storage Solutions: Why Water Bowsers Are Essential for Festivals

Trailer Engineering | 5th July 2022

Water Storage Solutions For Festivals

When holding a festival, you must ensure a clean and thorough water supply for the duration. How much water you have on-site can directly impact various aspects of the festival, including but not limited to cleaning and washing facilities, cooling processes and hydration, to name a few.

Having optimal water storage solutions for general purposes and drinking water storage options is vital to help ensure your festival runs smoothly.

Not sure what type of bulk water storage solutions you need? This post looks a bit more in-depth at the water storage solutions available for festivals and the different water storage manufacturers.

The Importance of An Effective Water Storage Solutions

Everyone needs a supply of clean, fresh water. Festivals are no different. In fact, it is even more critical due to the climate and environment in which festivals are held. Appropriate water storage solutions are available to carry the capacity of water required to supply an event of this size.

Festivals require water for cleaning catering supplies and equipment, fresh drinking water, water for showers and toilet facilities and cleaning all festival areas such as backstage and accommodation. On top of this, you will also need wastewater storage or portable wastewater storage to quickly move from location to location.

As festivals are typically held in more rural locations, there is likely no access to main water, meaning should you run out, there is no backup.

Types Of Water Storage Solutions

When looking at water storage solutions, you have various options available. You can choose from different water storage tank manufacturers as well as different sizes, styles and features such as water storage tanks with pumps, wastewater storage tanks to keep wastewater and clean water separate, and square water storage tanks for easier stacking and access. This section looks at your options for water storage solutions for festivals.

Portable Water Bowsers

Water bowsers are portable water storage solutions that can be transported to different locations. While they are available in various sizes, the most common size holds 1,000 litres of water. This makes them ideal for transporting to sites within your festival to top up the water when required.

Drinking water bowsers are regulated, keeping the contained water safe for drinking and at a steady 5 degrees Celsius for optimal drinking temperature. This makes them perfect for constructing the festival's layout or creating access for attendees heading to the festival.

The water bowsers come up to 985-litre sizes for both wastewater and drinking water and are socially constructed to meet industry standards for both options. You should ensure that the ground is suitable for stacking the load you are lacing on to avoid damage to both the water bowser and the ground and those accessing the water.

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Water Cubes

Water cubes are ideal for longer-term use on-site, making them perfect for longer festivals or events, for example, full weekend festivals. And can hold up to a 985-litre capacity for both drinking and wastewater to ensure an uncontaminated supply at all times.

Water cubes can be stacked 2 high when complete and 3 when empty, allowing you to increase the location of your water tanks where required using less space.

Square water cubes also come with pumpable options for easier access to the water. If you require a substantial amount of water, you can easily transport them to various locations in the festival and stack them easily for increased storage options.

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Static Water Tanks

Static water tanks can increase capacity and ensure maximum logistical distribution. When considering bulk water storage solutions, you can fit up to 40,000 litres of water into a festival via one or make it more efficient and practical when organising services and water supply.

Static water tanks come with easy access lids and drain facilities on a galvanised stainless-steel frame for more accessible storage. They offer a continuous supply of water day and night regardless of whether there is a power cut at your festival or if they are located where there is no power supply at all.

Are you looking for bulk water storage options for your festival? It is an important consideration that should be addressed as a priority, and sourcing appropriate water storage solutions should be a top priority for any event.

Regardless of the size or duration of your festival, you can be confident there are water storage tank solutions available for your requirements.

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