What Is Dust Suppression and Why Is It Needed?

One of the less acknowledged challenges faced by construction sites is dust. The excessive dust that is created by construction sites continues to be a big problem for the health and safety of those working on the sites as well as those in the surrounding areas, but also for the environment. So, what’s the solution? In this blog we will be taking a look into dust suppression and why it is needed.

What Is Dust Suppression?

Dust suppression is a process used to eliminate and restrict dust particles from becoming airborne by using water. The most common dust particles that are found in many applications include grit that can be found on the majority of construction sites or, dust that can be found in homes or public places that contain pollen or dust mites for example.

At Trailer Engineering, we have set out to combat this problem by developing a full range of dust control systems; from a simple gravity fed spray bar to an engine-powered spreader plate all the way to complex dust cannons that help to cover every need.

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    Why Is Dust Suppression Needed?

    If you work within the construction industry, then you know how important having a dust suppression system in place is. Controlling construction dust and preventing issues is important for the wellbeing of those people working on the construction site and the people in the surrounding areas where dust is apparent.

    The majority of construction sites experience a high level of dust because of a wide range of activities, usually at least one of which can be found on most construction sites. For example, things such as demolition work, cutting channels into concrete, cutting wood/MDF and off-highway vehicles can cause grounded dust to become airborne which can cause breathing issues, reduced visibility and skin irritation in the short term.

    The long-term health repercussions that dust can have on someone working on a construction site is the increased risk of developing chronic bronchitis and heart and lung disorders.

    At Trailer Engineering, we have manufacturing and supplying the construction industry with a full range of dust control solutions to help combat the problems dust produces. To check out our dust control solutions, click here.

    The Dangers of Dust on A Construction Site

    In accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations, you must protect your employees working on-site against the risks from hazardous construction dust.

    The damage that can be caused by breathing in construction dust is that it can cause diseases like lung cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and silicosis.

    Construction workers are at the most risk when it comes to potentially developing these diseases be-cause many common construction tasks create a high level of dust. Also, these diseases can potentially cause permanent disability and even early death. On average, it is believed that over five hundred construction workers die each year from exposure silica dust.

    The Dust Busters

    At Trailer Engineering, we offer a full range of dust control solutions and have been supplying the construction industry for over 40 years. Do you have any questions about dust suppression or would like to find out more about the dust suppression bowsers we offer?

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