Why Bowsers Are Essential When Filming on Location

Trailer Engineering | 7th January 2021

Drinking Water Bowsers

Drinking Water Bowsers

If you are filming on location, you need to make sure that you are using a bowser. A bowser is a trailer that has been fitted with a tank that can be used to carry a wide range of different liquids. Here are some of the ways it can benefit your filming location.

Transporting Fuel

You can use a fuel cube or polycube on a bowser to refill your fuel bowsers, ensuring that your generators and equipment can run for a long period of time during shoots. This means that you don’t have to worry about equipment failing you while you are on location. When it comes to transporting fuel from one film location to the next; you must ensure that you meet all of the regulations for towing any type of bowser.

Typically, fuel tanks are coloured in either red or yellow to ensure that they can be easily identified. This ensures that when it comes to moving your bowsers from your filming location to be refuelled, so you don’t fill these bowsers with other liquids such as water.

Transporting Water

Bowsers can also be used to transport water to different filming locations. A water bowser could be useful if you need to supply clean water for catering as well as drinking water, which is essential when filming in a remote location. A portable water bowser could also be used for keeping people comfortable by providing shower facilities for everyone from the cast members to the crew.

Water tanks will typically be blue to ensure that it is clear they contain freshwater for various usages including washing hands and drinking. However, you will also need a green water bowser; this bowser is used to store water that has been used to washup catering equipment.

Vacuum Tanks

Aside from fuel cube tanks, a vacuum tank on a bowser could be useful to empty any toilets that are being used on the set. It could also be used for emptying a wide range of different facilities including welfare cabins and toilet blocks. Don’t forget regulations require you to do this to maintain the right level of health and safety standards while filming on location.

Are Bowsers Always Essential?

It’s possible that a water bowser won’t always be an essential part of your film set. For instance, you might find that the GLA will provide access to water standpipes or provide wet downs. This can be useful as it will save space and issues with the setup. However, there is never a guarantee that you will be able to gain this type of support. It is entirely dependent on government policies such as water conservation requirements. As such, it is generally recommended that around cities like London, bowsers are used for water supplies, even if simply as a backup solution.

In terms of fuel cube tanks, these are always going to be vital. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to access the energy supplies that you need. This is certainly true if you are filming in a remote location where you need constant power.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Bowser?

Regardless of whether you need a vacuum tank, portable water bowser or a fuel cube tank, it’s essential that you do choose a high-quality solution. You also need to make sure that the bowser you choose is big enough for all your requirements.

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