Why Fuel Cubes Are the Perfect Fuel Transportation and Storage Solution

Trailer Engineering | 2nd November 2021

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Fuel cubes for fuel transportation and storage

Fuel cubes are static fuel tanks. They’re the ideal fuel storage and transportation solution. Fuel cubes can be used under the following circumstances:

  • When you have limited space on your site
  • When you need to store or transport fuel in harsh locations
  • When you need a slightly cheaper fuel transportation or storage option
  • When your aeroplane or other automobiles need fuel refills urgently

Here are some of the benefits of using these fuel cubes:

Fuel Cubes are Compact and Convenient

Diesel fuel cubes are compact, making them convenient for companies with smaller sites. Most companies prefer to use these compact diesel fuel cubes to fit in smaller spaces, whereas traditional bowsers and other fuel storage solutions can’t.

Diesel fuel cubes are also convenient as, thanks to their small, compact size, they are easier to manoeuvre, especially when transporting them from one location to another. Also, thanks to the built-in forklift pockets typically found on fuel cubes, you can quickly move your diesel fuel cubes around your site.

Extreme weather conditions can also make these diesel fuel cubes convenient for fuel storage solutions on your site. Unlike fuel tanks made with steel, they are designed and manufactured using high-quality materials that are not prone to corrosion and rust. They are also thicker compared to steel tanks, hence their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions that you typically find on offshore oil rigs.

Maximise Space On-Site and During Fuel Transportation

Traditional fuel storage solutions can take up considerable space on-site and provide fuel storage capacity according to the tank’s size. Therefore, if you require a larger amount of fuel, you would typically need to invest in larger, traditional fuel tanks.

Investing in more diesel fuel cubes would be a better, more cost-effective alternative because their stackable features allow businesses to store a greater amount of fuel without taking up a larger space on-site.

You could also find using this form of fuel storage as your fuel transportation solution convenient since they are easier to move around than traditional tanks. It’s important to note that if you are looking to transport your fuel cubes from one location to another, you will need to hold the correct certifications that enable you to transport fuel on all public highways. At Trailer Engineering, all of our fuel cubes come with a 10-year U.N/ADR certification; providing you with the peace of mind knowing that all of the fuel cubes we design and manufacture are of high quality. Making them the ideal fuel transportation solution

Safe & Environmentally Friendly Fuel Storage Solution

You cannot use these cubes for storing or transporting fuel without following all of the fuel storage regulations or the fuel transportation regulations. Therefore, anyone considering this technique can get assured of utilising one of the safest fuel storage solutions.

All of our fuel cubes, including our range of diesel fuel cubes, are fully bunded to 110% of the cube’s contents; helping to make them an environmentally friendly fuel transport and storage solution, since they help to prevent leaks. This makes our diesel fuel cubes perfect for offshore environments where fuel leaks can have a disastrous consequence on the marine enviroment.

A More Cost-Effective Fuel Storage Solution

Switching to fuel cubes earns you a high-quality fuel transportation and storage solution at an affordable price. Diesel fuel cubes are cheaper than other fuel tank options on the market. You also get to save on the excess cost you would typically incur when assembling traditional tanks since the material used in these fuel cubes require a simple assembling process.

The tanks are also manufactured to the highest quality, making it advantageous to users since you enjoy the money value to the fullest.

The compact size of these cubes enables you to acquire highly effective fuel storage and transport solutions at affordable prices. The diesel fuel cubes are also favoured by offshore businesses because, thanks to their durability, they have minimised leaks which means that the companies get the fuel in the proper amount.

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Discover the benefits of switching to trailer engineering’s fuel cubes by checking out our guide here.

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