Why Fuel Cubes Are the Unrivalled Fuel Transportation Solution

Trailer Engineering | 15th June 2021

Fuel cube

Fuel Cubes for Transportation

Fuel cubes are leading the way in fuel transportation due to their flexible and unparalleled adaptability. There is most certainly an influx in companies deciding to use this fuel storage method for numerous reasons. Safety and security are paramount on all types of projects that use fuel, it's vital to adhere to the strict regulations to prevent danger and theft. You'll also find that fuel cubes offer valuable time-saving benefits, such as extending the operation time of machinery on-site due to its capabilities. Therefore, a fuel cube is a vital component for any industry professional who's thinking about creating an adaptive and professional. It also makes for an easier route of transportation thanks to their convenience and versatility.


However, it's important to note that if you wish to transport fuel using a fuel cube, you must be certified under the ADR / U.N certifications. With Trailer Engineering’ fuel transportation solutions, you can utilise the very best that the industry has to offer, providing you with a new outlook on business and avoid unwanted problems. With fuel cubes, there are some several benefits to consider which will bring immediate positives:

Fuel Cubes Are Compatible with Flatbed Vehicles and Trailers

Fuel cubes can be easily fitted onto flatbed vehicles, lorries and highway towable trailers, allowing you to store and transport your fuel storage tank safely and securely. Incredibly portable, you can move them to where you need them efficiently and without fuss thanks to their four-way forklift pockets and lifting points. With this durability, you can easily offer your workers more efficiency on-site as well as longer operating times so that you can complete jobs quicker if needed. There is no need to worry about the safety of the fuel tanks, as they are fitted with internal baffles to optimise stability and ensure that they’re always secure, making them ideal for moving and storing fuel.

Smaller Footprint for Better Stacking

Manvourablilty is vital when working on site. By using an efficient storage fuel tank, you can be sure that you can stack tanks easily. You will be able to stack up to three fuel cubes which will allow you to optimise the space available on trailers safely and securely. Not only does this improve the use of space on trailers, but it also offers further protection. Stacked tanks are also more difficult for thieves to break into, reducing the risk of theft.

A Great Fit for All

Commercial bunded fuel tanks are buffered with a double layer, which allows for added protection, not only from theft but also for the contents stored inside the tank. You can transport fuel cubes with ease and move them as needed, fitting economically onto wagons when moved from site to site, if needed. Inspection is extremely important to ensure that your fuel cubes remain safe for your workers to use and transport. Fuel cubes are made from the strongest and most durable materials, helping to reduce the need for any major fixes as well as reducing the risk of malfunctions.

A Polycube optimises transportation capacity. With the exact measurements available, you will be able to fit 44 x 950 litre or 22 x 2000 litre fuel cube onto a standard articulated 45-foot lorry trailer. Multiple cubes can be linked which makes for better storage and easier transportation. So, it’s easy to see why they’re becoming a popular choice in today’s modern world.

Fuel storage tank manufacturers such as Trailer Engineering, offer plentiful solutions to ensure that your project can be managed well for the long and short term. It’s known that certain types of storage tanks are not necessarily used only for fuel but can be used for many other types of storage including water. From project planning and selection to customer service and time management, you can see the benefits of using a fuel cube for your project. The designs are mapped out to assist in all areas of business and appreciate the simplicity of easy manoeuvrability.

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