Why Water Bowsers Are Essential for Water Supply to NHS Test Centres

Trailer Engineering | 14th January 2021

towable water bowser

Water Bowser

Over the past several months, NHS test centres have been established across the UK. They are now a fundamental part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. These test centres must be set up the right way; this includes having a system in place to provide these test centres with clean water. One key piece of equipment that can be used to provide water to the test centres is a water bowser.

What Is A Water Bowser?

A water bowser is a tank that is connected to a portable trailer. Water bowsers are ideal for ensuring that remote locations have drinking water and the majority of these test centres have been set up in areas where there is not a main water supply.

Water bowsers are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for different purposes. For instance, you can have a drinking water bowser.

Typically, water bowsers will be filled from the top with clean water or drinking water. They will be connected with an on-demand pump to ensure that water can easily be accessed from the bowser. Drink water bowsers are also going to be designed as blue tanks to help ensure people can tell the difference between these and a typical water storage tank.

Why Are Water Bowsers Essential For NHS Test Centres?

Water used at test centres must adhere to Drink Water Inspectorate standards. In the healthcare industry and medical industry, clean water is essential for maintaining good hygiene and ensuring that medical teams can operate effectively. Water bowsers guarantee that this is the case, even in remote locations that are not connected to main hospitals and buildings that are part of the health economy.

If a clean water supply is not accessible for an NHS test centre then testing will not be able to continue. There will be countless delays and an inefficient service, which would be a major concern when testing right now is absolutely critical.

Even if there are water mains nearby, it could be difficult or even impossible to access them. These main systems may also not be able to provide reliable or clean water that is necessary for these testing facilities. As such, a water bowser will be the ultimate, primary solution, ensuring that test centres can be set up the right way.

Considerations Before Choosing A Water Bowser

When selecting a water bowser for an NHS test centre, there are a few considerations that must be kept in mind. For instance, it is crucial that the right size of bowser and water tank is chosen for the purpose in question. Bowsers come in a range of different sizes and this will be dependent on the size of the test centre as well as how many employees are operating at the facility.

It is also essential that the chosen bowser is built to the highest quality. If there are issues with quality, then it can lead to problems with leaks and water being contaminated. This can mean that the water is no longer safe for drinking or as an essential element of keeping hygiene and health levels as high as they need to be.

What to Take Away

Ensuring that all NHS test centres have access to clean water is imperative. At Trailer Engineering, we have been manufacturing and providing a full range of water bowsers to a wide range of different industries for over forty-seven years.

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Water Bowser

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