Sellafield Power Station

The Challenge

Sellafield power station approached Trailer Engineering to come up with a water bowser for the containment of water which could have the possibility of being contaminated by low levels of radiation. The water bowser's primary use is for emptying condensate from air conditioning units around the power station in which may contain low level radioactive water.

The Solution

Trailer Engineering's dedicated team designed and manufactured a water bowser based on the twin axle 2140 litre fuel bowser. However this water bowser was operating in a marine environment so it had to be constructed from a 316 marine grade stainless steel outer bund and a 2000 litre polyethylene inner tank for the prevention of corrosion. The water bowser was fitted with a 24 volt marine water pump powered by a Anderson connection plug for emptying the tank via a hose which was terminated by a cam lock and cap, there was also a dry seal coupling for connecting to the air conditioning unit without the risk of spillages. The inner tank was fitted with a specialist vent valve filter and a pressure relief valve (PRV) set at 2 psi. In the event of a spillage there was a spill kit in a cabinet fitted to the water bowser. For the transportation of the water bowser around the power station the tank was fitted into a standard twin axle highway tow-able trailer, the outer bund was also isolated from the chassis to prevent cross contamination between the stainless steel and the galvanised steel chassis.

The Result

Sellafield sent a inspector to approve the water bowser before it left the factory. Following the completion of the inspection Sellafield commisioned two water bowsers for the containment and transportaion of water in which may be contaminated with low level radiation.