Vacuum Tanks

Trailer Engineering have offered a bespoke range of Vacuum tanks for many years for many different applications if you have an application speak to the sales team to advise.

Trailer Engineering are vacuum tanker manufacturers with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality vacuum tanks, ATU's and GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for a variety of tasks. Trailer Engineering have supplied vacuum tanks all over the world and have manufactured vacuum tankers for many vacuum tanker operations including supplying fleets of vacuum tanks for ground handling operations at over twenty eight different airports around the U.K for emptying aircraft toilets using them day and night year round.

Utility companies such as National Grid and Wales and West Utilities are using the Vacuum tank Bowsers for the removal of contaminated grey water from gas pipes.

The most common use for the Vacuum tanks is to empty portable toilets, using a trailable Bowser can save money on a dedicated lorry that comes with the additional running costs and break downs.

You could run up to 2000 litres of waste on a 3000kg chassis complete with engine and vac pump of your choice, every job has different application so get in touch with our sales team who are happy to help.


Litre capacity


Litre capacity


Litre capacity

Industrial Operations Of Vacuum Tanks

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