Fuel Bowsers

Fuel bowsers otherwise known as a fuel trailers are used in various industries for a range of reasons due to their remarkable adaptability. A fuel bowser is a trailer with a tank capable of transporting diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, or gasoline. They're commonly used to store and transport fuel for a wide range of situations, including building sites, event management, and agricultural applications. Trailer Engineering manufacture a wide range of fuel bowsers that are fully U.N. certified and can come as a fuel caddy, fuel cube, skid base fuel tank, site tow fuel bowser or a road tow fuel bowser. These fuel bowsers are perfect for refuelling machinery / equipment via a wide range of fuel pump options and can also be manufactured with external generator feeds for those long term generator set ups.


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Trailer Engineering’s Fuel Bowser Guide

What Are Fuel Bowsers?

Fuel bowsers otherwise known as a fuel trailers are used in various industries for a range of reasons due to their remarkable adaptability. A fuel bowser is a trailer with a tank capable of transporting diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, or gasoline.

They're commonly used to store and transport fuel for a wide range of situations, including building sites, event management, and agricultural applications.

Fuel bowsers are what we call portable fuel tankers (fuel trailer). The tankers are specially designed to facilitate the transportation of kerosene and diesel - amongst other liquid substances.

There are a few different types of fuel bowsers, including bunded bowsers, diesel and  fuel cubes, on-site and highway tow bowsers, and AdBlue/DEF.

Industrial use of a Fuel Bowser

Fuel Bowsers: How Do They Work

Fuel trailers (Bowsers) make it easy and efficient for a range of vehicles to transport. They are designed to transport liquids across sites or on roads. Fuel Trailers ( Bowsers) are designed with durability in mind, so they are easy to tow.

When it comes to highway towable bowsers, (fuel trailers) they may be hauled on the highway with the cargo. Highway towable bowsers are equipped with a breakaway feature if the trailer becomes detached from the towbar by accident. The system activates the brakes when this occurs, bringing the bowser to a complete stop.

Once the bowser is filled, the caps and lids will be securely closed. Bowsers / fuel trailers carrying fuel will be fitted with a standard trigger nozzle.

The Benefits Fuel Bowsers Provide

Fuel bowsers have a wide range of benefits spanning multiple industries; although there may be some variation in the purpose and usage, they generally have the same benefits.

Providing A Secure and Efficient Fuel Transport Solution

Fuel bowsers are designed to be durable and safe to use. One of the most significant benefits of using a fuel bowser is that they are almost impossible to penetrate - meaning they are the ideal solution to preventing theft of fuel on-site.

Fuel bowsers / fuel trailers are also designed to withstand a range of different weather types and temperatures.

ADR & U.N. Certified Fuel Tanks

If you are looking to tow a fuel bowser on a public highway, you must ensure that your fuel bowsers have the correct EU highway approvals. Additionally, you must also make sure that your fuel bowser’s tank is ADR and U.N certified, as this certification is required to ensure the safe transportation of fuel. All of our fuel bowsers come with a 10-year U.N. certification, one of the most significant advantages.

This sort of accreditation indicates that you may use our fuel bowsers on all public roadways, making them easy to transport. This certification also provides you with peace of mind knowing that our fuel bowsers are manufactured to the highest quality, with durability and safety being the main focus.

Find out more about our ADR & U.N certified fuel bowsers by clicking here or by getting in touch with a member of our friendly, experienced and highly skilled team today on +44(0)1384 564765 or by emailing our team at [email protected].

Why Cleaner Fuel?

We are the only company to offer a Polyethylene inner receptacle on our bunded fuel tanks with a three-year guarantee(see terms and conditions) fully U.N certified and fully approved for ten years and can be transported by road, sea, air and rail.

What makes our fuel tanks and bowsers unique and a better alternative to steel saving on weight, less condensation and completely rust free.

The testing procedure is made very simple as we use a poly corrosion-free seamless tank, you have no seams to check for leaks, no rust to look for in-tank as it is completely corrosion-free. For more information on the testing procedure, we use on all our fuel browsers, check out our service information page as well as our testing procedure video.


A fuel bowser is a term for a fuel tank but can also be the same meaning as a fuel trailer if the bowser was fitted onto a trailer. Whereas a fuel trailer is what people call a trailer that has a fuel bowser or fuel tank fitted onto and can also be known as a tanker. Some parts of the world also recognise the term fuel bowser as the fuel pump that you find at a petrol station. However fuel bowsers are generally most commonly known as a form of fuel tank.

The word bowser itself can be used for many variety's of a tank for example water bowser  if it was designed to hold water. Again if a water bowser / water tank was fitted to a trailer some parts of the world may also call this a water trailer instead of a water bowser.

2140 Litre U.N. Approved Bunded Diesel Twin Axle Eu Highway Bowser

Types of fuel bowser

Fuel bowsers can be configured to store a variety of different fuels. The most common fuel bowser is the diesel fuel bowser. This is the most common because the fuel bowser is an important piece of equipment across a range of industries particularly in the construction and demolition industries. There is a lot of different types of machinery on these site's in which are mostly powered by diesel engines. So therefor a supply of diesel is needed across building sites to keep the machinery working without waiting around for fuel deliveries. Other fuel bowser types include JetA1, Kerosene, Oil, Avgas, Petrol, Waste Oil, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), etc. With the variety of fuel bowsers on the market there is also a choice in how the fuel bowser is manufactured, whether it be a skid base tank, fuel cube, on a site towable trailer or even on a road legal trailer. Along with this all fuel bowsers can also be fitted with a choice in fuel pumps, filters, flow metres, hose reels, trigger nozzles and other ancillary equipment.  Some fuel bowsers may even be fitted onto trucks. Some fuel trucks have a fuel bowser bolted onto the chassis or can have the option of putting a skid base fuel bowser on the flatbed of the truck and secured via ratchet straps, giving the choice to quickly remove the fuel bowser of the truck so it can perform other duties and not just being a fuel truck.

Want Extra From Your Fuel Bowser?

There is a wide variety of optional extras that can be fitted to a fuel bowser such as upgraded fuel pump options, secondary back up fuel pumps, filters, hose reels, solar panels connected to a 12v battery, fire extinguishers, spill kits, flowmeters, contents gauges, spare wheels, external generator feeds, just to name a few. If you'd like to upgrade your fuel bowser or add extras to an existing fuel bowser you already own, check out our online fuel bowser shop.

1000 Litre Fuel Bowser

Trailer Engineering's 1000 litre fuel bowser is actually 950 litre capacity with 985L brimfull capacity. The 950 litre fuel bowser keeps you under the 1000 litre of fuel storage meaning you can tow this fuel bowser without exceeding the maximum capacity limit before you need a ADR license. Any person is allowed to transport under 1000 litre of fuel without an ADR licence, as long as the fuel bowser has U.N certification. If your 1000 litre fuel bowser is an ADR certified fuel bowser tank then you will still need to hold a ADR license to transport fuel in this tank.

2000 Litre Fuel Bowser

Trailer Engineering's standard 2000 litre fuel bowser range is actually a 2140 litre tank allowing you to have more capacity in your fuel bowser. As well as skid base fuel bowser tank's there is also the choice to have a road towable trailer fitted with the 2140 litre fuel bowser or even a site towable option. As manufacturers the range of 2000 litre fuel bowsers also includes 2000 litre capacity fuel cube tanks.

3000 Litre Fuel Bowser

The newest addition to the range of fuel bowsers also includes a 3000 litre fuel cube (fuel bowser). This is a steel fuel cube that is the perfect addition for fuelling generators / plant / machinery, etc.

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